Friday, December 2, 2016

Searbhreatharch and Spike Fields

Hello EVE Peeps!

After a brief break, some WoW action, I'm back at it again. Trying to get that passion back and I may have found it!

The last 2 weeks for me:

Where I last left off, I was removing SUSU's citadels from our C4 static C3, Static C2. This was one of the most painful and long processes I've done in a long while. The multiple trips back and forth from Kspace, moving out my staging POS and all the gear it took to make 3 citadels work.

Ugg soo long.

I did little at a time over weeks while I played WoW with Bronya. Well WoW does what it always does at higher levels, it turns into a pure grind fest filled with guild drama about raids. Meh, been there done that.

Now back to EVE.

During the past two weeks I interviewed with about 6 different corps. I simply went into the Recruitment channel and typed "Bitter vet, looking for a fresh perspective and friends!".

I was spammed with about 10 convo invites, each from a different group. Each one had something different to offer. One guy who I was seriously considering was doing some Null sec Merc ops. They essentially get hired by one or more null groups to fight ratters, gate camps, whatever deep in enemy space. Like hired guerilla solders. I thought that would be awesome, till I asked them if the mercs members in the corp got a cut of the money. The answer was a resounding "NO". "We use the money for paying for fleet ships".

I was like wtf?! Who wants to be a merc with no pay? Thats not a merc group, thats simply a job and exactly like all other corps. Some one getting paid other than line members. Meh. Not for me. Its not like I need the money, but I do like having some kind of goal in mind other than "go here and blow these people up, while you make me rich" blah.. I passed.

The next corp I was considering was a low sec combat group. These guys have fleets every night with lots of blues they team up with to fight larger gangs. A loose group great pilots with only one goal. Blow everyone else up! I was super tempted, till I asked them what they do when they don't have many members online. They simply said, "kill alphas in mining ships who simply wander into their little systems". Like, that was what they did the majority of the time. Then I visualized just being a low sec bully all the time, which has its draws.. it just doesn't hold my attention for a long time.

Finally, I came across a wormhole corp recruiting. Now I know a lot of wormhole players, friends with most of them, with the proper desire, I have a good relationship with most. I'm even confident that I could get into nearly any of them, baring any language barriers. What enticed me about this one talking to me was how enthusiastic the CEO was while he was talking to me voice. How enthusiastic the members were when they were talking to me in coms.

See to me, skill, kill boards, histories, accomplishments all that stuff, is totally secondary. I want to fly with people who want to be there, have fun, enjoy themselves! You can teach fits, tactics, its the enthusiasm that really draws me in.

Not only that but their CEO talks like "Borat", his entrance question was "How much Sex you have?!?!""Because we want people who fuck!" Not anything EVE related, just some random disarming question. It made me laugh. Frankly, as someone who attempts to entertain himself, I get along with people who make me laugh. He is a charming mother fucker, even though his command of the English language is lacking.

He said they played during my Time zone which is really what I need in a wormhole corp. They fight everyone, which is a huge plus. They have noobs and experienced pilots too, good mix. I like it.

Sure, I'll give it a go.  I joined Partisan Squadron with just Longinius Spear. I figured while I felt these guys out, my alts could just collect all the ships and crap in Kspace.

These guys lived in a C4 static C3, Static C4. They had two citadels and each time I logged in to play there were at least 8 or so people on Team Speak. Good number for small fights, random ganks and that type of thing. Stuff I liked doing :)

I moved in some combat ships, heavy armor, along with my Tard inspired scout tengu. I found some kills for people and got into some fights. It was good times.

Now the bad:  (caution the remainder of this is one long rant, If you don't like that type of thing, stop reading now)

During my time with Partisan Squadron I noticed they preferred running sites to finding targets. Thats ok, I'll let that pass because they have newbies who need money, PVP isn't everything for everyone, I'm ok with it.I can just do other stuff.

But one particular instance I had found some targets 2 jumps away, a whole bunch of ventures and tech II ventures (whatever those are called) gassing in a C5. I started baiting with my tengu and calling over my support.

These were the questions I heard over coms:

Member 1: "How many are there?!"

Me: "A lot, I'm alone here, need back up"

Member 2: "What kind of ships are they flying"

Me: "I dono. like 8 ventures and shit, I need a bubbler to catch them, I can't lock them fast enough with my tengu"

Member 1: "What kind of ship should I bring?"

Me: "A bubbler, I just said that, there goes 3 more, they are running home, lets kill these things!"

All the ventures and crap were just alts but they did ship up to 3 guardians and 5 or so Vexors and a Strat. Thats when they all came came for me.

I was sitting on a wormhole tanking their entire fleet, asking calmly for more ships to assist, we have targets a plenty out of their citadel shooting me.

Enter our hero Searbhreatharch

character image

This person began with what I thought was some sort of combat jitters, excuse riddled diarrhea of the mouth on the reasons why our 10+ member fleet COULDN'T"T fight that gang.

 Searbhreatharch: "We can't tank that!" We'll Die"

Me: I'm tanking them fine.(I was sitting there tanking their dps and full nuets with my tengu)

This guy continued on and on about how it was "Dumb to fight them" about how we will "Just lose" hes doing this while I'm sitting and fighting them. He goes on on and about what to bring, what we didn't do right.. on and on and on.. during battle coms. 

I'm calling targets and this fuck wit Searbhreatharch  is going on and on and talking over me, while I call targets about how its dumb and we should all head home.

I started shouting over him and saying "Please save criticisms for after the fight, we have targets, battle coms please" But this turd continued to go on and on.

I was stunned. Turns out, my support for my baiting (which was going on for like 10 minutes btw) was a bunch of destroyers and bubblers. They didn't think to reship when I called the vexors on D.

Ok.. I get it, I brought a knife to a gun fight. I can see where this shit bird could criticize the fleet, but to do it during the op in combat?!?, while the FC at the time was calling targets? Thats just noobish and disrespectful.

I shrugged it off, figured it was just a miscommunication. We only lost one ship because we were fighting on the wormhole. No one was in any real danger because when people got low they could simply jump through, its not like a bunch of Vexors and a Strat where going to hunt down some T3 D's .

O well.

Even after we shipped back up to bigger stuff, the space turd continued to go on and on about how we were going to die. 

Story number 2:

Today, I'm slightly AFK doing something on another character when people in corp chat start pinging me.

"SPEAR GET IN HERE" We have targets"

Fuck ya, I like targets, lets do this.

Me: "Where do you need me, what do you need?

Someone says they have 2 strats and a proteus. I was like "ooooo I'll bait that"

I move my tengu down the line. My support for this was op was 1 Falcon, 2 Augours, and other random armor DPS cruisers. More than enough to deal with that. Our targets were 2 jumps down the line.

I sat on the targets hole and dropped probes, acting like I'm just a scout tengu that is slow boating off the hole. Good target for 3 combat ships.

All of a sudden the scout watching the citadel says 6 more pilots log in.

I said "Awesome this should be good!"

This is when "Searbhreathach" began again with his "its dumb to fight them".

I was like "wait a second, we don't even know what they have, those could be alts"

He (in the falcon, two jumps away from the bait/target situation) warps off.

What the fuck?!?!  You not only ran from a fight, but you ran from a fight in a falcon (that could cloak) that was 2 fucking jumps away!?!  Are you shitting me?!

He starts telling everyone in the fleet that we can't take those numbers. They haven't even undocked yet, I'm sitting with my dick in the wind baiting on their hole, we haven't a clue what they will bring and you RUN!?

I said this to him. Word for word.

"I'll pay you for your ship if you lose it" In fact, I'll pay for EVERY SHIP IN THE FLEET" if we wipe. I have the money, its no big deal. I just need the back up".

The answer as shocking as you might think was "No, its not about the ISK".

My jaw dropped.

This is when our second hero Spike Fields

character image
 Not only agreed with Searbhreathach, but backed him up about how it was dumb to fight them.

I reminded him along with other people on coms that we don't even know what they are bringing. The targets were 2 jumps away, and we could pick our fights if we needed to.

Nope, not going to have it. The simple fact that 6 more pilots logged into their citadel was enough to not only spook these two fucks, but enough to make them try and convince the remainder of my back up fleet to leave the situation.

I reminded them along with the CEO, "I'll pay for your losses, I just need back up" "Who fucking cares if we die?!?

Nope, they weren't having it.

I lost my patience... I saw red...

I have never in all my EVE days encountered cowardice to this level. I've seen where people wouldn't take a free ship I left at the sun to fight me because they thought it was some sort of trap, but never from within my own corp.

I said to them over voice coms.

"You make me fucking sick" "This is a fucking video game, no one cares about your kill board" "Players like you who don't fight, make me fucking sick. How the fuck did you even find your way into Wspace, you're a god damn disgrace and you should be ashamed of yourselves." This is a video game based on explosions of ships, not only your own but others.

 I'm not exactly sure if they have heard that before, but they then told me that I'm nobody, that my kill board isn't even that good, they've been in wormhole space longer than me and I was nothing". 

I know I should have just kept quite, but I was like "mother fucker do you even know who I am?!". (I know that sounds arrogant as fuck, but seriously I think my time in this game has earned that remark.)

 I pulled all my ships out of the hole, removed my roles and said my goodbyes.

Done and done.

 So any of you ever encounter either of these shit birds, send them a fuck you from Spear.

Look at his EVE Who, I'm not alone in my assertions of Searbhreatharch

Here are some of the highlights.


obsessed with killmails, cant take jokes without crying to the higherups, bombs allies for killmails, brings neutral fleets to capital move operations


Dont even consider, just mute him and pretend he doesn't exist because this guys a joke, the only thing he has probably amounted to in life, is his proclaimed epic killboard. Thinks hes among the best in eve yet everyone cant stand this guy and for the wrong reasons. Mute and move along

Genuine thief. Do not accept into corp. His KB is padded, and he works with a war dec alliance, so when he gets burned he war decs you. He also has an alt named CavFighter and a scan alt named Luna Temper that he will seed into your wormhole. Avoid at all costs.


These are all his toons I know about. Let any in your corp at your own risk.
Aristaeus Shikkoken, Luna Temper, zyon97, Chigivaro Konchini, Mogwai Dune, Joe90 Togenada, Esa Allier, Searbhreathach, CavFighter

He's a troll, A awoxer and has been kicked from nearly every corp in the game, including ours , after 3 days of begging for roles and getting nothing he left. He would have you believe that's hes not the awoxer and every one on here is trolling him and will tell you some bull about him knowing other potential awoxers in your corp


Irish guy in his 30's, acts like a child - has serious mental problems and is autistic in real life.


  1. welcome back!

    I'm surprised you hadn't heard of Searbhreathach. He's almost a notorious corp hopper/awoxer. Good luck in your quest. We're still living up to your "not good at anything but at least they fucking try" quote. New recruits love it :)

  2. Holy shit Spear, that sucks man. If you want in a corp that will fight anyone you should check out Jenk Corp (JECP), I know a few guys in there that I used to be corpmates with and they say they are great people and fight everything. They have a C5 with C5 static so you can get into every battle available in J space, not just the small stuff.

  3. I know all the players you're talking about and it makes ME sick to see how you shittalk them on a blogpost with things that are supposed to stay internal. This + the fact you're insulting people over their own decision not to fight something (and get whelped in the process) is pathetic. If they don't wanna fight, why insult them afterwards? I feel like you're way too emotional over this and I don't think you really wanted to write what you just wrote. You have NO right to say what is a pussy and what is not. As a LONG time reader and listener of your podcast and supporter, I think you're needlessly slandering a corp over your own feelings. I feel like if you'd joined my corp and if we didn't take a fight on the spot, you'd probably write the same hate-filled, childish crap you just wrote. "Any of you encounter those shit birds" ?? Seriously, according to KB they have 100 members, you call them all shitbirds now?

    This is very very low, wretched and disgraceful, and you can be sure I will contact the corp in question to ask them about their version.

    I'm gonna stay anonymous for this post, because I realize how hateful you can get over trivial things, because I don't want to have a hate filled blog post with slandering to my character. Especially not as a long time supporter. Would you paint me as a traitor too? SMH

    1. Supposed to stay internal? So Spear signed a NDA or some other agreement not to share information on his blog?
      I think his asessment of the corp he was in as a bunch of pussies sounded pretty accurate.

    2. Nice attitude mate, sounds like you'd fit right in with a bunch of chumps not willing to take fights.

  4. The Glory Holers are recruiting. Know you from your days with Iso Five, would love to have you. We fight everything, even if we're outnumbered and don't have the ships. T1 BC's are a powerful thing, and are cheap if our numbers are really really low. BTW, Searbhreatharch is a known corp thief, he got us once because of an oversight. Nice to see you are still trying your hand at EvE

  5. We had angelost in our wormhole alliance, he was a truly toxic individual and despite him having a friendly impression at first he will insult you behind your backs constantly. That, along with either low self-awareness or command of the english language deteriorated the relationship we had with him. I'm sorry that you had to deal with him and his corporation.

  6. Hey there guys, im Spike Fields.
    Its sad that this post ever got made, but some people got personal issues, and perhaps this game aint the best thing for them to do... And regarding this trash i have to say, we many times go up vs bigger groups in wh fights... that does not mean we will sacrifice billions in stupid engagements like this was! i mean we was 7 vs 25+ ... I thin kwe still do good out here, we are active and we are recruiting:) come talk to us, after all.. we are the good guys!