Saturday, December 10, 2016

Fun response to calling out people

 Oooo I've gotten some spicy messages on the topic of those two corp members I commented on in a previous posting. LINK

Some of the messages were super poopy and didn't really offer much so I didn't post them, but this one does hit some points which I thought I would address in a special posting.

After re-reading what I wrote and what this person (anon) responded with, I could see how some confusion about my points could be interpreted. 

I'll break it down for clarity, because there seems to be much emotion in this one, which is great, I love the passion!

"I know all the players you're talking about and it makes ME sick to see how you shittalk them on a blogpost with things that are supposed to stay internal."

 Fair point.

I never did explain to each member, me simply being in your corp will thus make your corp and its inner working more "public" and less "internal". I typically say this to the CEO upon entering a corp, "Hey, I'm a blogger and a podcaster" will this be an issue if I share stories about what goes on inside your corp?" I don't ask EVERY member, cause honestly it just gets confusing. I remember saying this to your corp recruiting person and if I remember accurately, he said "eehhh No problem"! (best Borat voice) I'll remind people what a blog is, its an unqualified diarrhea of the mouth, for anyone with an internet connection and read by people who enjoy staring at diarrhea.

 "This + the fact you're insulting people over their own decision not to fight something (and get whelped in the process) is pathetic."

Without getting too bogged down in the mechanics of how time and space work, I'll just keep it simple. We had time to adjust our fleet LONG before these two guys decided to go home, and they knew it. Hence why I insulted them.

Not only did I insult them, I called them on they're goal of them even playing EVE in the first place. Hell, why they even had PVP ships in a wormhole at all. I challenged their manhood at a Mexican Pro Wrestling level. Called them on their shit while it was happening. I didn't wait and just flame them on my blog, I called them sack-less Tibetan monks getting run over by Chinese tanks.

It wasn't just because they ran, because you can run in some situations, it was because I was pinged in corp chat to be a part of this AND volunteered to be bait for this OP. In a bait ship I'll remind everyone that cost more than BOTH fleets combined. Then I offered to pay for every lost ship!

"If they don't wanna fight, why insult them afterwards?"

Because as a self righteous blogger of a game I love, I feel obligated at my core to share what total emasculated players these two are.  You're welcome :)

"I feel like you're way too emotional over this and I don't think you really wanted to write what you just wrote."

Yes to 1, No to 2.

Having passion and emotion for this game is what keeps me logging in. Having that drive to share what I've experienced with total strangers is why I blog and podcast.

Am I too emotional? Yes, I could see that, it is a video game after all, I'm not blind to that, I've accepted this and made my peace with it. To both my readers (mom and you) thank you for letting me go this journey.

Did I not want to write what I wrote? Absolutely not. Sharing this as I see it, has given me a new found drive, and for that, I thank you. WoW can never offer this level of drama for me, to be honest, I'm actually very grateful to everyone involved.

"You have NO right to say what is a pussy and what is not."

Now you just wait a second, I do have a right. So do you, we all do. As individuals with our own minds and opinions I have just as much a right to call someone a pussy as they have a right to call me one right back. 

"As a LONG time reader and listener of your podcast and supporter, I think you're needlessly slandering a corp over your own feelings."

So you're the other reader hu? This is going to make mom super happy, I've been reassuring her for years now that she wasn't totally alone in reading my blog. Its going to go a long way in convincing her she hasn't totally wasted her time in her support.

Also, I'm not "needlessly slandering a corp" at no point did I slander the "corp" and if I did, I'm sorry for that. I intentionally slandered these two pilots/players with my opinion of them and they should have played like they had a pair, which they don't. Just wanted to clear that up for you.

"I feel like if you'd joined my corp and if we didn't take a fight on the spot, you'd probably write the same hate-filled, childish crap you just wrote"

Well, dear "long time reader", if you look back there are multiple instances where I flame the poop out of people who don't fight I think, you maybe right in a sense. Past instances of where I bring someone into a private convo and explain in great detail about how I would abandon a fully fit space craft at the sun, with the entire intention of having them fly it and kill me with it, and they refused, yea this type of thing doesn't sit well with me.

So hind site being 20/20, would I react the same in an exact same situation knowing what I know now.. Yep. I'd still call them shitbird pussies.

"Seriously, according to KB they have 100 members, you call them all shitbirds now?"

I think you're at that point again where you're confusing me calling these two pilots out and their entire corp, which I still don't think I did. As a matter of fact, these two pilots in question did mention their own KB's and how amazing they were. Trust me, these two pro pilots have no trouble defending themselves, they just need to fight more in situations the outcome isn't nearly 100% in their favor and  they can ride the coat tales of others/the blob.

 "This is very very low, wretched and disgraceful, and you can be sure I on.... " (sorry the message got cut off, i'm sure it was very meaningful and I'm sure you can image what it said)

Is what I did low? Is it wretched and disgraceful? Maybe, if we were dealing with real life. Since this is a video game and I'm a very well adjusted man in real life (so my mom keeps telling me HI MOM!!)... I think I'm A-OK with this outlet for my frustrations.

You keep being you, I'll keep being me.

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