Saturday, December 17, 2016

So I tried to join a null sec alliance, outcome as expected.

I know this blog is named "Invading Your Hole" and historically its been a very wormhole focused blog, but EVE is about reinvention to me and some times you just need to try something different. I should have renamed the blog "The adventures of a guy who takes EVE WAY TOO SERIOUSLY!"

I know its me, it can't be everyone I encounter but sometimes I just get this overwhelming urge to punch babies in the face when I see something I've deem crazy going on.

My grandfather used to say, "If you encounter one asshole in a day, you can say, that guy's an asshole. But, if you encounter nothing but assholes all day, chances are, you're the asshole".

Well, I'm the asshole.

Call it arrogance, call it pride, call me a bad person, whatever, I'm slowly coming to terms with it. I just don't get along with people, which is sad, cause I'm a fairly reasonable person, who enjoys the company of others.

Story time: 

I've been adventuring around in my Cov Ops Proteus in my alt STIHL, just seeing what people are doing, scanning things out, checking out wormholes, trying to be inspired.

I found myself in Fountain while doing some Black Ops BS DED sites (I'll post fits and results later) and I realized I was really deep in Null, so deep that getting my BLOPs refilled would be a challenge. Well, lets look at what kind of corps we have around here...

I checked who owned the system, who was in local, who was in their recruitment channels and found one that spoke English! I asked them what it was going to take to join them.

They told me, they were drug makers, some of the best in EVE. I was like DAMMNNN son.. I like gittin high!!!! The corps name is

Es and Whizz

Some kind of play on words about RL drugs or something, I dono, I just know, I've never done that before and it seemed interesting.

I went through the app process, which was some sort of super annoying questionnaire, which I'm assuming someone somewhere reads, I dono, I'll just through hoops sure.

 Then it came to sending in an API which to be honest I think is a little dated, all important information I think you can gleam from an API, you could simply find from kill board behavior, but whatever, I'll play along.

I send in Spears API. Someone pipes up in coms and says "This API has an expiration" Well no shit, you don't think I'm going to send one without an expiration, what sense does that make. You're going well beyond a simple history check by asking someone to forever give up privacy, for the duration of their EVE career.

My response to my general observation of something so incredibly absurd was "Well that's our policy". Well that seems like a dumb reason.

Spear my man, you're going to try new things remember, you're here to do what Null folk do, blend in, don't make waves.

Ok fine, I'll send you an API that will NEVER expire, because that's a thing for some reason. Not like I won't just delete the fucking thing a couple days later anyway. The expiration date simply makes that process easier. Whatever. I'll just set an alarm on my phone.

Deep breath.. New things!  I'm here to try new things!

I get in! yay, i'm a Null guy! wooooo. I have an intel channel.. I have a fleet channel.. I have another and another.. All these channels that are very important to someone, for something.

Lets do this!

I then begin going on about my business and then ask to get my alts in.

 'you can get your alts in, but they too need full API's that don't expire'.

For. Fucks. Sake.

Ok, fine, maybe I've been bad with my alts and now they are going to uncover the deep spy who has multiple personality disorder and refers to himself in the 3rd or perhaps 4th person and does bad things with alts. Sure..

Here ya go. I ask in voice coms, do I need to send two more annoying questionnaire google docs? or can I simply send in an EVE mail with the two API's?

"O no.. EVE mail will be fine"

The mail was sent.

3 Days pass. 

Maybe the guys (7 of them) are just really busy doing other stuff, but I did manage to get STIHL in, he was my scanning cov ops pilot so I figured, I wouldn't spook the locals having some random proteus in system.

Sir Lomax, my other BLOPS pilot I guess his application is still pending. They were on the same mail as STHIL but he does have more assets so,, I figured he needed a deeper look. (I don't actually know that, I just guessed because if one got in, I'm sure the other would have? I honestly don't know, I'm just doing my best to figure out the situation).

4 Days Pass. 

Its my day off, my day to play EVE my single day out of the week to devote to a video game, lets do this!

Sir Lomax is still not invited to corp/alliance, no biggy, I'm sure those folks in charge are just busy.

STIHL, my scout finds a 8/10 in the main system that we all operate out of.

I see there are other people in local and I ask. "Hey is anyone doing that 8/10?" one guy responds with "Havens". Nice, I'll drop my toons in get her done.

Since I know Sir Lomax isn't in corp/alliance, I know fully well he is going to bother the people in system. I link his name for all the locals to see.

STIHL > Sir Lomax is my alt, please don't freak out.

This is the friendly local convo that followed. These people are our "blues" btw.

[ 2016.12.17 13:31:38 ] Kjellerup > Seriously, get those alts in corp/alliance or keep them out of here
[ 2016.12.17 13:31:57 ] STIHL > i just told you they were
[ 2016.12.17 13:32:12 ] STIHL > and I've applied
[ 2016.12.17 13:36:36 ] Kjellerup > No problem .. you guys can get docking rights again when you're in

Dick head here, Kjellerup, proceeds to remove my entire alliances ability to dock in the station. These guys are just miners and ratters. They were in space and go no warning what so ever. Simply, O you know all that stuff you though you had access to, yea, well you don't anymore, cause... reasons.

[ 2016.12.17 13:37:55 ] STIHL > I've been in wormholes for the past 5 years, i'm not sure what that means
[ 2016.12.17 13:38:51 ] STIHL > are we in some sort of null drama right now? Should I be upset, i'm legit confused as to the context of what you said.

I wasn't kidding, I legit didn't know that person did that, or that was some sort of consiquence for telling them in local chat, I literally was the exact same pilot who was already in there. This fuck stick was busting our balls because of some sort of legalistic issue. What the actual fuck?!

[ 2016.12.17 13:39:59 ] rigar Muutaras > im gettting denied to dock
[ 2016.12.17 13:41:21 ] roger Hanis > dud wtf
[ 2016.12.17 13:41:44 ] roger Hanis > we got miners and people in combat ships
[ 2016.12.17 13:43:03 ] STIHL > I'll reimburse your losses if there are any, clearly I've made some sort of mistake or tripped an unwriten rule or something.
[ 2016.12.17 13:43:14 ] roger Hanis > wow

I was serious, clearly I stepped on someones dick and I was some how responsible for this calamity.

[ 2016.12.17 13:43:48 ] STIHL > i'll leave, would that make you happy?
[ 2016.12.17 13:44:16 ] roger Hanis > im leaving since i can do shit now
[ 2016.12.17 13:44:41 ] Kjellerup > I asked you nicely to get your alt in corp or out

Are you serious right now? Is this real life?! Did you just deny an entire alliance the ability to dock because of a missing blue square on the bottom of the picture? I can prove that its me, I am that pilot, I'm no one else.. I'm not some sort of sktizo. I lost my temper.

[ 2016.12.17 13:44:51 ] STIHL > fucking null sec people never change. This is the reason why I've been in wspac efor 5 years because of people like you
[ 2016.12.17 13:45:18 ] Kjellerup > Well you are causing the drama really
[ 2016.12.17 13:45:26 ] STIHL > nope
[ 2016.12.17 13:45:33 ] STIHL > I just told you.. This
[ 2016.12.17 13:45:37 ] Sir Lomax > is an
[ 2016.12.17 13:45:40 ] Longinius Spear > alt
[ 2016.12.17 13:45:42 ] Sir Lomax > we
[ 2016.12.17 13:45:45 ] Longinius Spear > are
[ 2016.12.17 13:45:47 ] STIHL > the
[ 2016.12.17 13:45:49 ] Kjellerup > I know and I dont care
[ 2016.12.17 13:45:50 ] Longinius Spear > same
[ 2016.12.17 13:45:52 ] Sir Lomax > person
[ 2016.12.17 13:46:02 ] STIHL > its not tuff to wrap your little pea around
[ 2016.12.17 13:46:49 ] Kjellerup > Obviously you're having problems understanding that your alt is welcome here, once he is in corp or alliance
[ 2016.12.17 13:47:43 ] STIHL > its not intentional.. look at my time in the corp.. I just joined.. I've only been doing this for like a day.. the CEO simply hasn't invited him yet, he isn't online, why are you doing this.. i mean seriously
[ 2016.12.17 13:48:25 ] Kjellerup > Why is it so hard for you to log him off until you're in corp?
[ 2016.12.17 13:48:30 ] STIHL > you're punishing people not even effected by it, by simply to my guess not having a 'hall pass'
[ 2016.12.17 13:48:47 ] STIHL > cause he is part of my triple box process..
[ 2016.12.17 13:49:17 ] Kjellerup > lol
[ 2016.12.17 13:49:48 ] STIHL > if i left the corp would that fix the issue?
[ 2016.12.17 13:49:58 ] STIHL > could you let this miner pleaes return to a station?
[ 2016.12.17 13:50:04 ] Kjellerup > As I said. Docking rigths well be back when  Sir Lomax is out or blue
[ 2016.12.17 13:50:39 ] STIHL > how about if I'm out of corp and so it Spear? would that fix the issue also?
[ 2016.12.17 13:51:00 ] Kjellerup > I have nothing against you
[ 2016.12.17 13:51:09 ] STIHL > clearly you do
[ 2016.12.17 13:51:19 ] STIHL > or we wouldn't be having a little pissing match right now
[ 2016.12.17 13:51:38 ] Kjellerup > You can just log him off
[ 2016.12.17 13:52:30 ] Kjellerup > I opened the astrahus
[ 2016.12.17 13:55:37 ] Kjellerup > Im gonna close it again in 5, unless you move your neut out of system

Where was this threat before you turned off docking rights the first time?

[ 2016.12.17 13:55:48 ] Longinius Spear > I'm moving my cyno, keep your shorts on
[ 2016.12.17 13:56:19 ] Longinius Spear > i don't use gates
[ 2016.12.17 13:58:59 ] Longinius Spear > o/ please fix whatever you changed for the corp i joined. to all i'm sorry for the mix up.. I misunderstood maturity levels here
[ 2016.12.17 13:59:35 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : XF-TQL

An hour or so later, docking rights were returned to my corp/alliance, but only after I apologized again in local.
I think the part that makes me hostile about the whole thing is the blanket moronic attitude of the person. The "This is the process, this is the policy, even if it doesn't make sense at this very moment, we are going to follow it just the same, fuck you and any issues it causes".

I think that's what i have so much trouble coming to terms with. The "we do it because we do it' kind of thinking. This isn't creative thought, this isn't adaptive thought, its just, this is the machine, and that part turns because it was deemed 4 years ago to turn. Don't ask why, don't question it, don't change.

Yea, after the whole non expire API thing, the 4 some days of being ignored and then this.. Its reminded me exactly what Null Ring kissing bull shit I've been missing in Wspace.

The whole blue, someone triggers some thing.. not blue.. You can dock, o wait someone stole a rat from someone else.. you can't dock anymore, now spend the remainder of your day trying to unfuck something. All my faded bad memories of being in Null under the thumb of -A- came rushing back to me. That one time, they reset us for an entire weekend before someone belt ratted in the wrong system, our null overloads spend the weekend camping our exits.

All that came rushing back to me.

Naww its cool, deuces. I'll make my own waves.  


  1. Wow. This guy huh? (

  2. Thats odd. But I guess there are all sorts of people. I have been in null corps that are friendly as hell but yeah they are a bit panicky when it comes to Neutrals (Everyone docks up on first neut on local haha).

  3. Thanks Spear. Thank you, seriously. It was really refreshing to see someone go to Null and call a spade a spade. It made me realize what I love and hate about this game and if I do choose to come back, this post is going to be the big thing that lets me do it with a clean conscience.

    No more sandcastles and idiots trying to rule them. I just want to play a game about blowing up spaceships, and occasionally yell at nerds to do so better.