Sunday, March 13, 2016

SUSU is Recruiting

Lets do this!

"So what you wanna do, sheeeit, I got a pocket full of rubbers and my homeboys do too" -- Snoop Dog

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a long time, or simply looked at older posts. :P

SUSU or Semper Ubi Sub Ubi was the corp I started shortly after being in Narwals Ate my Duck years ago. The corps focus was pvp 1st. Scouts get all the loot, we bite all bait and we try our best to fight everyone. We thanked those who we fought, we never broke our words and we respected everyone, especially our targets.

I've had my alt holding the SUSU corp for me, I have a wormhole, I've got the money for the towers/fuel. I bought a Team speak server, got a slack team and even dusted off the old kill board banner. Fuck it, why not?!

Our Goal:

 SUSU's focus will be what it always was, a place for pilots who want to pvp/scout and micro gang in lower class wspace. Rolling holes for pew. Fighting EVERYONE! I for one don't want to die a space billionaire. 

Wormhole Type: C4, static C2/C3, no effect. Not the most ideal hole but its a good starting place. Our end goal will be moving to a C4, static C2/C4 for the monster chains. 

Asset Security: For those who don't own their own tower or don't want to share a tower with a friend. We will be using a divisional access setup.

Mapping Software: Tripwire.

Voice Coms: Team Speak 3 


1.  A desire to fight more than bear. Plain and simple. If your burnt out on scanning, don't have a lot of time that day, plan just don't feel like it, thats cool. This game can be intense and a break does the body good.

The question I'll ask you when I hear you came across another group is. "Did you try and fight them?". If yes, good job. If no, you should have a good reason. That's all that matters to me at the end of the day.

I don't care if you won, though winning is good, but I care more if you charged in and exploded laughing like a crazy person. WITNESS ME!

 2. You need to be a mellow person on coms. Critical peeps, try hards, can keep on walking. My goal is for a minimal drama corp. I know that's a big ask, but the only way you can get into the corp is if everyone online at that time says "Yes". We will conduct interviews together as a corp, not behind closed doors and everyone will vote on it.

 3. O yea, ship skills. You must be able to scan, warp cloaked and tackle. Everything else we can improve or lead you through. Even a 3 week old newbie in a griffin is useful. Hell I've seen a newbie ship loaded with ECM that was critical to engagements. With that said, newbies are welcome, but you need to be able to warp cloaked/scan and tackle.

4. Ships required. Armor T2 and T1. Kite ships are secondary. Creativity and fun fleets take priority. Lets fly some MJD rail brutix! Lets fly some cruise missile raven gangs... Smart bombing hyperions! YOLO/solo/pvp Kronos! Falcon gangs. You can't kill shit but sure is funny as hell!

Leave the T3/T2 logi/bhaalgorn garbage at home, I'm after quantity of fights, not super dank KMs.


If you're on coms and you hear there are targets in the chain. You drop what your doing and form up to fight (within reason of course). Loaner ships can be provided, but your goal should be to give our targets hell!

I want to be the little guys that people want to be connected to, because we are little but we fucking bring it! We may die in a fire.. but god damn it, we had fun doing it.

If you don't like losing ships (within reason of course) we might not be good for you.

Recruitment: Contact me in game. Longinius Spear. Drop into our pub channel. "SUSU-Pub"

We can chat and go through the typical Q&A. Get to know each other and the people in the corp, find out if you want to throw down for no reason other than to see something explode.

1v1 is your entrance fee.

Special Thanks: 

I dedicate this post and my new found inspiration to lead people into dumb fights to Tard Athonille.

He is the pilot I dream to become and its because of him I'm reminded about what truly matters when playing a spaceship game. No fucks given!

"You kids going to do the man dance or what??!" ---  Tard Athonille


  1. Sounds a lot of fun spear. You guys will bring some great content to wormholes. Hope to fight you soon o7

  2. this sounds like a great time. i'll see you soon.

  3. I'll consider it if you move to siggy ;)

  4. SUSU was the first real pvp WH corp I joined and nothing really has lived up to it since! I'm so excited you fired the corp back up! This makes me want to fire up my accounts again!