Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Recent "Team Security" EULA Releases

Those few of you who have read my blog in the past know that I have had my issues with the EULA interpretations.

(Props up the dead horse)

Notably the Erotica1 bull shit, and I'll still go on record calling it bull shit, because it was.

To summarize my stance on the issue. Any time a game creator attempts to dictate how a game is played via negative reinforcement the game is effectively homogenized the edginess and interest in it follows. This type of conduct by game designers and "Management" hinders overall creativity by not making the rules of conduct 100% crystal clear.

Creative "villains" of the game, play it with the ever present sword of Damocles hovering above their heads. Those villains actions may one day be deemed "undesirable" by the mob and all their hard work could suddenly be for not. In the past, the EVE game designers used to say to the mob "HTFU"... this is becoming less common. 

Many creative minds simply won't bother, which hurts us all. In other words, whats a story without a protagonist?

Answer: Boring.

(Puts dead horse back down again.)

Well, fast forward to present day.

This dev-blog was released last week or so.


Key bit I found.

"if any third party application or other software is used to gain any unfair advantage, or for purposes beyond its intended use, or if the application or other software violates other parts of the EULA, we may fully enforce our rights to prohibit such use, including player bans. Please use such third party applications or other software at your own risk.”

This indirectly touches on the type of game play I was highlighting in my last blog post.

One wormhole group using another wormhole groups 3rd party wormhole mapping software for the reasons to get some dank KM's and 3rd party into nearly every fight they have in their chain.

The infiltrating wormhole corp/members could be banned for using another wormhole groups 3rd party mapping software. "Out side of its intended use" "Used to gain an unfair advantage".

Whelp. Those of you out there who may or may not know a person, who knows a guy with some other corps Siggy information via absconded API keys, may or may not get banned for using it for devious reasons or "an unfair advantage".

Curious if this activity will actually get you banned? Me too.

 See the thing is for me, even if this type of activity was used on me and resulted in me losing a digital spaceship or two, I'm happy it exists. I'm happy the person who figured out to do this to me, did it on me.

The idea, or thought process wouldn't be there if that pilot who did this, didn't think of it in the first place. This I would like to point out, is just 1 idea this player had or will have, that player will have countless more if allowed to play. That player brings value to the game, brings the 'danger' of EVE to life.

Knowing that player is allowed to continue being a threat to my wallet, put a fear in my mind and a fear in the hearts of all those who were ever 3rd partied and didn't know how or why.  That fear gets me emotionally invested in the game. It gets others invested and those others will tell others that this happened to them, people will come looking for the danger.

No one wants to shoot rocks while big brother CCP keeps us safe. 

Everyone wants to hide from hostiles, question allies, question friends, hide secrets, be covert... because to not be means you explode.

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  1. I find though that there is a lot of gameplay in EvE that would not be tolerated elsewhere and is bordering on exploit.

    Look at say off grid bombing. That was smart yes. However it is taking advantage of a poor mechanic.

    Could you imagine the uproar in a FPS if you could do such a thing?

    Theres a weird glitch that if I stand in this exact spot I can't be seen and will just shoot people as they walk past.

    That would never fly.

    It's a slippery slope between cunning and devious being a good thing and allowing innovative gameplay and it just becoming a cop out for lame unfair gameplay.

    Although I can't deny no one plays EvE because it's a level playing field.