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SUSU – Closes its doors.

SUSU – Semper Ubi Sub Ubi  - Translated from Latin to English was “Always wear under wear”. It was a joke that my father would frequently say as we left the house to go on one of his adventures. Short history about my dad, he suffered from mental illness. His adventures… were adventures.

Back story/History about the corp.

“Narwals ate my duck” (Wormhole Merc Corp) had just tail-spinned its way into history, and DJSwitch (CEO of Double Down) was playing less and going to Transmission Lost. I felt I would have more fun doing my own thing.

I started SUSU as a C4/C1 wormhole corp with just my alts as members. At the time, I was in an alliance with a guy named Dreamcyth. It went well for a while then on the eve of our alliance invading our new home (Jim) C4/C3  Dreamscyth disappeared. I mean gone, just simply didn’t log in anymore. He was a major part of the invasion but the remaining members put everything we had to taking Jim. Since I was the only other corp, I simply absorbed the remaining members.  

We grew our numbers at a rate of about 4 or 5 a month. Slow and steady, but we didn’t really find our true identity until Bronya Boga joined us. What made the corp special was how nearly everyone in it had done almost every other aspect of the game before joining, and they simply were fed up with the bull shit. They were fed up with kill boards, null sec politics, K-space asshattery, low sec piracy and the redundancy of faction war.

The fights we committed to were often silly. We didn’t fly the correct doctrine our members tried to form fleets correctly, but our no fucks given play styles simply didn’t match up with organized battle. We lost more fights than won but consistently we didn’t really give a shit.

Bronya asked me one day, if I wanted to do a podcast with him. Down The Pipe was born.

I think being public and having our silly no fucks given attitude public made our corp what it was at its height. Somehow we were held to the standard outside of our own. The whole “You talk the talk, now walk the walk” thing took over. People heard how we conduct ourselves and what we were all about and the applications flowed in.

What made it really interesting was we recruited some of the more vocal and public wormhole dwellers of all time. At one point we had 1 podcast and 3 blogs worth of writers and content creators under one 50 man corp roof.

What made us a thing was what eventually was our undoing.

SUSU was a corp for scouts and content providers. We recruited people based on the activity levels they would provide. I frequently said “No Get lost” to applicants who simply had huge skill points and no kills. Or if there was a hint that they would just sit behind the POS force field when there was action to be had.

We demanded our members to fight every single person who came calling. Every single person we encountered got attacked. If we could exploit a situation we did, if we could ransom someone we did… for no reason other than “fuck you, that’s why”.

This selective recruiting of only hunters and not bears created interesting viewpoints when it came to PVE. They fucking hated it. Any hint that someone wanted to do something other than hunt and kill, was always greeted with mockery and jokes. More so than any corp I have ever been in EVER. The minority became the silent minority because to speak up was to be mocked, and I supported it.

Not my best choice in retrospect, but at the time, pvp content generation took priority over all things.

What this did was, the people who simply didn’t want to fight about it anymore, just stopped logging in. They stopped hunting targets, they stopped scanning chains. Burn out happened. Churn happened.

Around this time, Cloudhunter joined our corp and inspired what was called the “cloudhunter challenge”.If you want in, fight your way in. This was a HUGE benefit to recruitment of more hunter based members. In one activity it removed any and all spies/awoxers/thieves (spies/thieves are lazy). They had to prove themselves to fellow hunters and content creators that they were worth anything. Those people are the ones who got in.

We became a corp of hunters. Each person a crafty mother fucker bent on the destruction of their fellow EVE players, but what made these people solo specialists also made them very bad at teamwork and following orders. Too many personalities, too many counter opinions.. eventually our actual real problems stopped getting resolved.

Bronya leaves, but not before a very extended hiatus from the game. Cethion stopped logging in. Both these guys were my right and left arms. More people stopped logging in.. Jack… Cloud.. … the writing was on the wall. I just didn’t want to accept it.

Lotor who might be one of the best small gang pvpers I have ever known, tells me he is leaving. I snapped. That was the final straw.

I have been a apart of a full on failscade before, assets go missing, invasions happen… shit gets unglued quickly. I instantly opened up a convo with Sicks, the CEO of “THE H0NEYBADGER”, and brought him into our TS to talk about a merger. I chose the honey badger because of all the people SUSU has ever interacted with, these guys were what we liked. They fought, they laughed and most of all they gave no fucks doing it.

Video of us fighting them.

I didn’t want to simply join their alliance because of bookmarks. There are no alliance wide bookmarks, and because hunting/killing in wormhole space needs quick information exchange, if we were going to bring anything to his group, it needed to be from within.

We took a vote that very night. 9 yes’s 0 No’s.

Sicks asked us if we were going to just join outright, and reminded us that his corp also has a form of “The Cloudhunter challenge” I said "challenge accepted".

 I sent out this email to the corp.

“Dear friends,

SUSU has reached a crossroads. With the main pvp membership failing as of late, change must happen. In order for our way of life to continue we must adapt or die.

Our higher order of "No Fucks Given PvP" is respected by most and welcomed by all. But what people want from us, they don't always practice themselves. What we have built as a corp, alliance and wormhole space fighting force is in high demand by everyone.

SUSU and its member base can write its ticket to ANY wormhole pvp force. Our scouts are the stuff of legend. Few corps have one or even two quality members that we ourselves have as the base of membership.

One other group has shown the mentality of not truly giving a shit in pvp and the care free attitude required to deal with our shit. This is "The H0NEYBADGER".

SUSU as a corp will be dissolved.

But not before we show our new friends and corp mates exactly who they are recruiting. The similarities between THE H0NEYBADGER and SUSU are so similar they even have a CloundHunter Challenge for entry.

We as a corp and anyone from our partner alliance member base is welcome to participate in this task. Anyone wishing to stay in the alliance and corp is welcome. The pvpers will be invading THE H0NEYBADGERs C6/C2.

This will be a full scale organized invasion. Complete with  spies, bribes, and the effort we require ourselves for membership. We will bring the random violence the rest of wormhole space has come to expect and respect of us.

1st step is to get a scout in their hole. 1st SUSU member to get a scout in their hole will receive the remainder of SUSU's corp wallet. 285 million isk.

With that first step, brings the last step for SUSU.

Let’s bring the heat and show our new friends how we do shit.

--- Spear “

We found and had 3 scouts in their hole in less than 22 hours. Yea, that’s how we do shit, and that was just 1 guy trying (Granted an amazing scout in his own right). Each and every member in SUSU knew how to do what he did, how to find people, how to scout and how to infiltrate. Never been prouder.

Here is a video of the invasion.

You can tell we are not very good at pvp, but we try and we laugh about it. I wanted to make a splash, so I brought in a blinged marauder. (first time flying one btw). I wasn’t really sure about the range of the guns, and there are so many buttons. I kind of made some mistakes… didn’t shoot the primary…  also you can hear me in the video say something to the effect of a moros having only 30k range. Yea… that was with anti-matter charges.. The one that vaporized me, was using iron or some shit that could hit well out to 100k. Opse.

We also didn’t bring any logi. We did that for a reason, we didn’t want to win. We came with the explicit reason that we were going to lose and provide the most fun for our new friends. Winning would have made grudges happen, a SUSU vs TH mindset right off the bat. Not the best way to start friendships, when they were doing us the favor by taking us in.

After the invasion, Max was sold for 1.5b. 

The alliance SUSU created was sold for 900m.

I moved all 6 POS out of Max myself. I spread nearly 20 billion worth of mods/ships/POS/POS mods/ fuel/ PI materials/capitals across K-space. It took me 5 solid days and some vacation I had saved up at work to unfuck all my stuff.

At the end.. We had only a handful of people actually come with us to The H0neybadger.

To the other CEO’s and alliance leaders that checked with me before poaching members, my hats off to you. Mutual respect among leaders has always been a admirable wormhole thing. To the fuckers who poached members without even a courtesy convo… lack of respect goes both ways, you won't be soon forgotten.

This blog will continue, Down the Pipe podcast will continue. I look forward to making new memories with The H0NEYBADGER…

 Last weekend The H0NEYBADGER killed 10 billion in wormhole space. Yep. Think I’m going to like it here very much.


--- Spear

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