Tuesday, April 12, 2016

An apology to POS Party


Sir Lomax is my alt and I called you a liar.

In hind sight, that was a mistake and I apologize for it. I'm not without my faults and I'm doing my best to be a better person but the moment overcame me.

Please accept my apology, it was the salt talking.

I'll give you a quick understanding of my perception of events.  You opened into us and I baited with a ECM armor drake. A convo opened up asking if we wanted a 3v3, we figured you would just bring a winning set up and we would just lose anyway, so we decided against that. During that convo, you said you had 5 live humans online, we had 3. You guys came and bit the bait with multiple Gila, so we left.  Since Gila blobs are the universal symbol no fun will be had here, we figured we would roll.

I thought it would be fun to crash a hole with every battleship we owned, for the giggles. The blob landed, then they systematically hunted us down with 0 fun allowed fleets.

We later try and roll the hole again, and we are blobbed again. Later, after getting my pods back into the hole I bring 2 tech 1 ships, I get blobbed again. Over and over and over we were blobbed. You keep the hole from being rolled to essentially farm us with 5v1 fights, (which is a blast btw, thank you for that).

See even after you killed us over and over and over again, thats not the issue in my mind or what makes me salty.

My salt comes from my own actions and expectations that you would play the way WE (SUSU) wanted you to. That wasn't fair of us, it wasn't fair of me to hold you to a standard you weren't aware of or agreed to.

Our play style was in conflict with your play style and I was holding you to a different standard that you weren't aware of and thats not fair.

Please accept my dearest apologies for my heated words, it was a mistake and I'm sorry.

--- Longinius Spear

unsure of subject
From: CHarlie Andrard
Sent: 2016.04.12 07:37
To: Longinius Spear, 

Somethings been bothring me since our contact earlier so i just feel the need to throw this out there. I felt there was some hard feelings after we engaged your rollling ships, not because shit blew up because we all enjoy that, but because I was called a liar. I told you we had 5 people online and that was the truth. we had 2 more log in due to a ping that said "lol rolling ships trapped in our home, Come catch them." there were a few of us dual boxing as well, which still only leaves 7 warm bodies at their desks. I tried to talk to  Sir Lomax who called me on it but he blocked me. I  dont like people thinking we baited them into a blob since we held back people on the first engagement. I dont need a reply per se, but would appreciate it if you would forward the message. hope to shoot each other again sometime.

Gratz on your kills POS Party.


PS: I did find it tremendously funny when I jumped on your coms after the hole was rolled (again) and asked the 15 people on coms, to please stop podding, because they are just empty clones. It just makes me have to jump 10+ just to get back in the hole and reship.

They responded with. "No, I have a quota". That did make me giggle a little.


  1. First off I'd like to say it was this very blog that brought me back to eve, following you backpacking trips brought me back to the game from a year long hiatus, so I actually feel honored to be mentioned and a dressed here regard less of the circumstances. That being said I'd like to give a bit of my side to this. I had only been logged in a few minutes when one of our scouts called wormhole fire and I hopped in a sabre to chase one of your asteros home. After you brought out the bait drake I convo'd too ask if you had people interested in a fight. We were a bit skeptical as we went sure how many pilots yu had in the chain. We took the bait hoping things would escalate. There were people on coms asking if they should come in, but we held them back, again on the chance of escalation. We got our fight and hopped back home when it looked lIke it was over. You said it was more fun than having a prearranged 3v3 and I have to agree, it was. When you said you *might roll the connection and we were welcome to try and stop you it was discussed on coms that we might let you roll away and be done with it, while killing people rolling connections is always fun when you have the element of surprise, it's not too much of a challenge to kill a rolling battleship with a few cruisers. But when the connection closed with your pilots in our home we quickly moved to engage, because why not. You had rolled yourself into our home, where several of us currently were with our mains and alts and nothing else to do. Suddenly we go from 5 people willing to jump into you to around 15 characters in our own backyard. We chased your ships as you bounced safe to safe hoping you weren't waiting out your log off timers. Then we managed to catch one of them, then another, and finally the last one. Ahh the satisfaction of the chase. It was at this point I was already 5 minutes late for work and had to quickly pos up and run. And then I started to think about th bit of back and forth we had in local. And the more I thought about it the more it bugged me, yes it's a game, but I still try to have a bit of personal honor damn it. So when I finally got home from work I hopped back on my computer, all my accounts still sitting afk since I hadnt been able to log off with timers, and there it was, the local chat still flashing hours later. It was at this point I sent you the mail, unknowing of the events that had followed after I left. In hindsight that probably sounded a bit arrogant since I was unaware there were more engagements after the first. Now while I am unaware of what was going on in detail while I was gone, I will say, we have some bloodthirsty members. And when the water gets chummed the sharks get selfish. Finally I would like to add there was a message added to our alliance MotD, it reads: Don't pod Longinius Spear.

  2. You guys lose an extraordinary amount of marauders...