Friday, December 26, 2014

Salvaging other peoples stuff, while drinking

TLDR: Some guys in a C5 crit their hole and we can't kill them, so we rob them. I lose a bomber by not paying attention. Bourbon may be involved. 

Good lesson for people to not drink and play EVE. Without the bourbon I'm a terrible player on my best days, with the bourbon I'm just super bad. You can hear me mix up my words and slur my speech. O, and sorry for the music.

Video One; 

We blow up a salvaging catalist. I warp to the wrong place and sleepers alpha my bomber. Foetus threatens to pod me. I leave before I'm scrammed and murdered by my leader.

 Video Two:

I come back in a salvage destroyer that I stole from an offline POS a few weeks ago. I get the ISK back from the sleeper wrecks.

... again.. sorry for the music, it was just running in the background.

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