Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Random Pvp Videos I Made

TLDR: I link some unnecessarily long videos I made and display that even after playing this game for years, I’m very bad at most of it.

I recently discovered how to record my antics via my twitch streaming software. So, I started recording, uploading and reviewing my fights. It’s been incredibly useful for improving myself as a pilot. I make lots of mistakes, which everyone in my corp is quick to point out.

Video 1: Un.bound

Back story. – Somehow Foedus was notified that Un.Bount was in our chain. He respectfully asked them if they wanted to brawl. They said yes, so we put together whatever we had and who was online. We didn’t have the guardian pilots at the time so we subed in a triage archon. Un.bound had issue with that, but again, this isn’t pistols at dawn and no fight is truly ‘fair’.

They still brought the fight anyway and did their best.

1.       Yes I know my overview is bad (it’s been sorted)

2.       Yes I know I could have done some things better. I’m not perfect, very far from it. But the great thing is, you don’t need to be perfect, you just need to undock.

Video 2: This Is How We Roll (round 2)

This would be round two vs these guys. Round one, I’m totally kicking myself for not recording it was one of the craziest fights ever. People warping in.. adding.. exploding.. reshipping… just nuts. They spoke to us about an organized brawl after that fight. Again no terms or rules were adhered to, just the desire for two groups to smash into each other.

1.       For some reason I thought I couldn’t use my sentries while I had stuff assigned to me. I was wrong… oooo sooo wrong. I have been corrected. 

2.       Wrong drones? Yep.. Missing with my drones.. yep. Could I have made better choices? Hell yes. Just goes to show you, even though a ship may be totally capable of destroying you and the outcome looks bad on paper, sometimes the pilot is just fail for whatever reason. 

3.       I pulled up that persons bio because I was concerned that there may be a 3rd party swooping in. Since the person I was looking at was not part of the same corp, I thought they may be the 3rd party.

Thank you for the fight!

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