Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Foedus Bomb

 TLDR: I talk about paranoia, my embrace of it and how it leads me astray, often. Butterfly effect story.

This is yet another post about the EVE butterfly effect. For you backward ass heathens who don't know what a butterfly effect is, well its a chain of events that occur from something small.

This one starts with Foedus launching a bomb at his friendlies. Why would he do this you ask? Well no one but Foedus really knows. Ships were destroyed, tears were shed, laughs were had and apologies were made (though forced).

But one thing this bomb had an effect on was my faith in Foedus as someone I should invest my spaceships/trust in. My faith was shaken, if only momentarily. Spears faith and yes Spears talking in the 3rd person and is shaken easily, much like his fragile ego. It doesn't take much, but its a level of situational awareness that EVE has prepped me for. Notice little things in behavior, in words said, tiny things that may preempt a power move, that may negatively effect me as a player.

Well I was wrong, but that little friendly bomb had huge ripple effects. Why was it dropped? I don't know, what does it mean... ?

I'm Spears overdeveloped sense of paranoia. This is how far my paranoia took me. Did Foedus launch the bomb destroying 2 friendly Interdictors to make it look like an accident, as a prelude to a bigger play? Whats next in this pending betrayal? Best not apply assets to his fleets in the future or be betrayed more severely in ways that only EVE can construct. He is to be watched for deception to a greater degree in the future! o yes... o YES!

Shortly after this watershed moment Foedus asked us to form up for a Null sec roam. "Right... so you can send us into a trap with whatever group you are going to betray us for?! O no.. I won't be THAT guy! I'll stay safely in my POS and watch your drama unfold.

20 minutes into the roam Foedus shouts "Charon on gate". Ahh i see you're a sly impatient one Foedus, no no.. I won't be fooled. He says "Charon tackled". In null sec.. Yea right. Whats a massive freighter doing wandering alone in null sec?

Well, a battle unfolds in voice coms. Targets are called ships are exploded. Not the impending doom that I thought my paranoia had saved me from. Nope, a legit brawl with people desperately trying save the now tackled freighter.

Foedus took us to gold, he took us to glory, I lost faith in him so easily, damn my paranoia! I was missing it.

Well the below battle report doesn't show all the ships they had on grid, but you can clearly tell the brave Iso5 gang was out matched, yet they held strong as long as they could. Without me. Whats worse is most of the fighting they were just a few hundred DPS away from changing their fate. That few hundred dps would have been from me in my shield HAC.

Dan made a video of the fight too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNnDn2ogk18

The battle report  https://zkillboard.com/br/14132/

A glorious battle that must have lasted at least 15 minutes, because I had enough time to jump 12 jumps before it was over. It was over when I was 1 jump away. Wrecks were everywhere, bodies floated in space, the atmosphere was so pumped in coms and I couldn't participate in the recount of the glory.

The targets warped in ship after ship with reckless abandon. They trickled in just fast enough to get blapped one by one till they finally warped in two carriers to save their stranded Charon, we could have had it! If only I was there!

We theorized what was in that Charon, we assumed nothing that great, till we thought about why they tried to save it with so much.

I found out the following morning that it was a Station egg, or at least components to make one. That very same system vs the very same gang of targets this happened hours later.


The CFC somehow came to the knowledge that a station egg was being onlined, took action and picked up where our failed fleet left off. That station was destine to die. The faithful of wormhole Bob and null B.o.B. 2.0 ordained it.

A diplomatic incident followed shortly as 50 talwars from Brave took pot shots at the egg, and the diplomatic might of NC. was called upon to sort out the mess. Wars will start because of this, ships in the billions will be lost because of what Iso5 couldn't finish on this gate... without my help.

All because Foedus bombed his friends and I questioned my faith in him.

(Yes this is a satire post, but my goal is to entertain not insult) Love you Foedus. <3

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  1. Wow. I wish I could learn from this. But sadly I'm the EXACT same.. And i still do the same shit over 30 years later lol. Thx Spear, and it's great to have you back.