Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Apocrypha Reclamation Project - TARP

I’m back and I want to apologize to a lot of people. Mainly the readers of this blog. I haven’t had the time to post on here because my job gets nuts every 3rd month in the year. It’s the nature of how my job works, I simply have more time in the off Quarterly release and blogging take a back seat. That month is officially over tomorrow and it will be back to blogging till next time.

I also want to apologize to Bronya. I wish me taking a break from the meta game didn’t affect him the way he said it did on down the pipe Ep. 30.  Bronya is a dear friend of mine and it sucks bumming out people you care about. I’m sorry.

EVE for me is an ever changing target. It’s a passion and platform for creativity. I was explaining to Foetus the other day, about what I want to do. He has his doubts and I value his opinion but simply being all conception and no action isn’t good enough for me. I want to not only dream of what my EVE game style can be but I want to execute on that dream. Not only that, but I want to be public and as transparent as possible to the people who like to read about what I’m doing.  I want to tell stories! I want to tell stories of human interaction within the boundaries of fake spaceships!

I may fall flat on my face but my goal is inspiration, creativity and most of all, FUN.

The Apocrypha Reclamation Project - TARP

Goal:  To bring content to others, when they don’t really want it.

History: When I was CEO of SUSU my goal was to unleash scouts and pvpers upon the wormhole community. We fought anything and everything. We were limited by the constraints of wormhole connections and random happenstance.

I want to keep this ideal system going, but focus on a select group of people for a longer period of time. Baby Dady has taught me that you don’t need fleets or rolled connections to bring fights to people. You just need to be patient and wait for an opportunity

Backlash: Though I’m not sure yet, I think this will have blowback on my current corp. I’m not sure how i feel about it, our presence and activities may anger our targets to the point they lash out. Invasions and vengeance may be planned and executed during our campaign. People of authority should be notified prior to conducting TARP. .

Execution: I will live out of either a logged off orca or anchored cans, not sure which yet. I will live in a home wormhole for a select big group of people.

Potential Targets: Large groups of wormhole dwellers. The bigger the better.

The reason for these target corps:

1. These groups of people are the leaders of wormhole space, yet my impression of them is they only log in for the T3 blobs or carrier ganks. When they are alone, and not conducting business, they are weak, and can be picked off at their weak points.

2. Punching the bully in the nose on the playground brings a level of notoriety that hard to obtain without becoming the bully yourself.  

3. It’s hard. We didn’t go to the moon because it was there, or because the Russians were going to do it first, we did it because it was hard. Having a sense of accomplishment is important for me, saying ‘I DID THAT’ is important for me.

What I will do there?

Ever read Baby Dady’s blog?    I will do that.

1. Watch. Wait. Strike.
2. Bomb Wrecks. Steal Wrecks. Shut down their PI operation.
3. Make solo or small group logistics impossible. As it stands its impossible to make your own fuel blocks without ingredients from K-space. I will knock those out.
4. Stay logged in all day long - Watchlists are useless if they don't change.
5. Let them chase me. Uncloak and wait for combats. Then cloak up again and warp off.
6. Whore on kills and fights they may have on their static, helping any kind of attackers.
7. Torment them while they run home escalations. Suddenly jamming all the loki or untriaged archons. Killing triggers. Spawn EVERYTHING!
8. Feed intel to enemies they may be fighting.
9. Counter bait - If we suspect they are baiting our bomber, we execute with another cloaked ship ready to kill the hook.

All in all just be a pain the ass 23/7

Ships I will fly.

Logistics - I will have an alt logged off in an Orca -- Not sure I really want to do that yet, It might not be necessary and harder to sneak into an active wormhole. Possibly a cloaked hauler.

The things we will need from within the target hole are, ammo, bombs, subsystem refits, Mobile warp disruptors, Mobile refitting modules. replacement ships.

This infiltration may give me an excuse to try the mobile D-scan unit.

Combat:  Kiting 100mn T3’s, falcons, bombers, scan ships.  I’ll provide more details about which fits and ships fly on other blog posts.

Funding: Between my 5 accounts and as long as I have been playing EVE, I have obtained assets in the billions, I’m looking forward to spending every ISK on this effort. ISK is just an ingame value and at the end of the day, its not real and there isn’t a number that I can obtain to “WIN”. If I end this series of operations penny less and a list of enemies as long as my arm. I will consider it op success.

Timeline:  Over the next week or so, I’ll be put together my invasion kit. Shortly after the kit as been formed, I’ll be finding my target. Once a target is found and scout has been placed, I’ll be moving out of the H0NEYBADGER wormhole. I simply won’t have any characters in that hole during this series of operations so why spend money on POS fuel?

I will still be a member of H0NEYBADGER, just on a long term assignment.

Wish me luck, I’m going to go and kick a wasp nest, then stand there and laugh!!


  1. Good luck, Spear! This sounds like a ton of fun and I am sure you'll end up with a bunch of stories.

  2. Good luck to you, boyo!
    I'll be following closely hoping to learn all I can from your guerrilla warfare.

  3. Let me know if you want an entry to our system ;)

    1. HA, that takes all the fun out of it if you just 'let' me in.

  4. Yay! Really looking forward to reading your blog next weeks. Good hunting!

  5. Really looking forward to this!