Thursday, April 3, 2014

I love EVE, but sometimes we fight.

TLDR: Taking a bit of a break from the meta, maybe the game. And leaving the DTP Show.

It’s time for a reset. I told Bronya Boga this morning I no longer want to be on Down The Pipe. I’m done with the meta for a little bit. Being on Down The Pipe has been one of the greatest and most rewarding things I have ever done in my EVE career.

Bronya forever the straight man, has been my base and my footing for a long time, without him DTP wouldn’t be as awesome as it has become.  I just don’t have the passion I should to keep going.  I can't comment on the meta game anymore, the dev reports or current events. I want to be done thinking about it and stressing. I just want to blow up space ships and tell fun stories, but I have been sapped for passion. 

DTP has been a huge passion for me, and with my recent lack of interest and anger with the game, its not fair I bring that bull shit to the show. Bronya doesn't deserve it, and neither do the listeners. 

Not only do I not have the passion, my lack of passion for it has given way to an anger at the public, the meta and CCP that I wish I could say wasn’t deserved but is. EVE is better than this.

 A positive vision of what EVE can be, is critical for me to continue to put time into this game.

EVE doesn’t need to be hated! It doesn’t need to be fought with. The sandbox and its never-ending ability to simply wipe away your sandcastle  and restarted its reinvention, its creativity.

As it stands, I still want to maintain this BLOG, I feel Bobs justice should be brought down as frequently as possible. I still like story telling and after action reports.

These are my reinvention ideas.

Space AIDS:

To bring a covert griefing campaign upon wormhole pvpers and bears alike. The challenge is to live out of a can or logged off Orca in a VERY active wormhole.  Bombing closing ships, bombing sleeper wrecks, stealing from the people living in there and simply staying logged in 23 hours a day.

I wouldn’t put up a POS or given the defenders any kind of platform to attack, but I would bring the fight whenever they are at their weakest. Similar to what Baby Dady does, but to the same people for months. For no other reason than to bring a threat from within that can’t be avoided.


Finding a nice little C4-C4 and retiring. Just farm sleepers, avoid fights, do PI and chilllllll. Move in alone, talk to no one and make drugs or something.  Though it would be a very nice vacation. Not sure if I would get bored or not.

Hermitage in NPC NULL

I’m always attracted to carving out my own little place in some NPC Null Pocket where I defend it with my own little gang of alts. Do minor PI have a little POS and try and diplo with the locals, bribe them.. and just exist alone.

Uninstall EVE and walk away:

I know this sounds mental, but with all the bull shit going on with the meta right now, I’m actually hostile thinking about it. I’m tired of being angry at something I love so much. Sometimes you need to just step away, get perspective and come back with fresh eyes.

I have some things to think about, just wanted to blog about my thoughts.


  1. you have an EVE tattoo. You will be back!

  2. It's a sad day to hear you go. You are one of my favorite podcaster's. There are not many people that I consistently agree with. There are not enough Capsuleers willing to fight the good fight, but your decision is understandable. From a long time Longinius Spear fan, hope you'll once again pick up the mic one day soon.

  3. It is sad not to have you on DTP as it is the only podcast I listen to. Both you and Bronya have made something special with that show. I hope you find what you are looking and keep up the good fight, Spear.

    Key Dett

  4. I hope you come back. Definitely been hearing your frustration. Although I feel like there could have been a full blown rant that I missed. It sounds like you want to spare your listeners from too much negativity.

    Thanks for all your podcasting.

    1. If you want to hear the type of person I have become That is as close to a rant as I can get.

    2. I did miss your rant! Listening now. Thanks. I try to to listen to Podside live when I can, but it's hard. Also, the Eve podcast rss feed I listen to jumped from episode 191 to 193.

      It sounds like I agree with you. (I'm ten minutes in.) I like New Eden to be a dark place, full of soulless bastards. For me, whether or not CCP has a right to ban someone or whether that person deserves a ban is incidental. It's just sad for New Eden.

      I'll definitely miss you on Podside. There are only so many hours of Nullsec politics I can listen to in a row.

  5. Maybe you just got metagamed by CCP Guard ;) But yeah I have really enjoyed listening to DTP and you as a cohost there. Understand your need for a break from the meta and really hope you go for your first option of space AIDS. We had someone do that to us for months in Max before you guys arrived and it created a LOT of content for us. He even lived out of a carrier. And yes we were horrible at pvp back then :P As long as you do it to an entire corp and not a individual you should be good