Monday, March 3, 2014

What is ISK

(FAN FICTION) I'm not the best writer, but I do like telling a good story. This another attempt by me to write some fan fiction about EVE online.

What is ISK?

ISK is power monetized and manifested. No one truly knows where the term ISK originated, its history is speculated to come from a small inconsequential planet human history. What it has become, is far more important.

ISK can buy you women, slaves, weapons, battle cruisers, solar systems, it can fund vast interstellar wars that result in the destruction of countless civilizations that inhabit them. ISK can buy peace, knowledge, understanding, it can transport your contentiousness across the stars. The vast complexity of the universe defined in three characters that few knew or cared about its origins. All knew its value, and its value was power.

The most important lesson I learned as a mortal was the value of ISK. All things resulted in less of it, or more of it. Your life as you knew it, was tied to ISK. Tied to its value and those who had more, chose your destiny. With ISK, immortality is possible. With immortality, you can be respected as a god.  

Mortality. Seems like forever ago when it was relevant to me. Death is no longer a threat to my existence, the forever death of your consciousness that is.

I remember my first physical death. My recruiter, a capsuleer named Jakes had picked me out of the masses. His selection process he never made clear. Just that I was chosen. Chosen for a new level of consciousness and being that was no longer tied to petty things like physical death. I signed the data slate lied down on the table and forgot fear.

As morals we were taught at a young age to never question an immortal. Do as he says and entire worlds would be yours, ISK would be yours. The immortals had their reasons for everything, through them civilizations were created. Subsequently they would destroy others. No one knew why. No one questioned why. It wasn’t our place. Individual needs were inconsequential to their goals and their goals a total mystery.

I fondly recall the stories of my biological ancestors. A capsuleer crash landed on our planet. My ancestors captured him and began to study him. Physically an immortal was not really different than a mortal.  At first the study was just a conversation about his origins. The capsuleer calmly explained to them, they were not alone in the universe. Explained that when his biologic form died, he would be reincarnated at a distant location, only to be free to roam the stars again.

You could guess that this information came as a shock to the planetary authority. They began the next step in the study. A physical dissection of the capsuleers interface ports and communication terminals. The capsuleer seemed more annoyed that he wasn’t killed so that he could continue his life among the stars vs the physical pain of the dissection. The authority didn’t care. The capsuleer pleaded with him to simply end his life and study the technology after his passing. The authority ignored his peals. Eventually after weeks of live dissection, the capsuleer expired. The authority had proven with little doubt in their minds that the capsuleer was in fact biologically dead, no possible way of him returning to life.

The history of what happened next is grey and unclear, but mortal archeologists had pieced together the facts. The capsuleer returned and was not alone. He brought with him other capsuleers and with them installed immense biological matter collection automatons planet wide. These collection automatons were immune the weapons of the authority. The capsuleers installed them from orbit. No ultimatums, no ransom, no discussion, just the methodical automated dismantling of the planets biosphere.

The entire civilization, its bio diversity, its evolutionary process was absorbed. Species at every level of existence were absorbed, processed and launched into orbit for collection. The capsuleer didn’t destroy the planet and it inhabitants entirely, he simply soaked biological matter from the planet. Crops dwindled, ecologically sensitive plants and animals were the first dwindle. They die, they just disappeared, forever removed on a microscopic scale. The population was forced to crowd in the less valuable biological hot spots of the planet. The deserts, the arctic… the planets future was forever stunted because of that chance encounter with an immortal.

You see death is simply a transportation method to the immortal, the immortal wasn’t angry about his death on the planet. He was angry because you wasted his time. The idea that an immortal would be bothered by the trivial nature of death is laughable. But where you can affect him, is the one thing he is also bound to. Time, and the authority of that planet wasted it.

The immortal and his strive for ISK cannot be questioned, must not be questioned. His power is absolute. His rule total. He is the alpha and the omega for which the universe turns. His quest, your quest is to serve him and his one and only master. ISK.

At least this is what I thought before I became an immortal myself.  

Jakes likes to poke fun of me sometimes that he ‘made me’… For that I can thank him. He forgets that he was also selected by an immortal, and he was just following a tradition. The point is, no one really knows why I was chosen, or why Jakes was chosen before me, so on and so forth. Sometimes the universe just needs gods, and then it goes about creating them.

To be continued…

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