Monday, June 17, 2013

Invasion Round 2. Craig

Invasion round 2!  Craig.

First off, please excuse the lateness of this update. Work has been, well… work.

After the mediocre activities in Damatus we decided to invade a larger group of people. Our targets this time was a Corp called Serpintine Industries, part of the alliance Chained Reactions  -- living in a C2/C2/L2--  J104850

We chose this hole for a few different reasons.

1.       The hole fell into the type of field trip we wanted. C2/C2/LS 

2.       The corp was relatively small with at the time, under 20 registered members, but was part of a much larger alliance. This alliance posted on its description that was a collection of like-minded smaller corps working together in W-Space. Boasting a 11 corp 298 member base. 

3.       Having ties to a larger alliance with the soul goal to defend its member base from people like us, this was a dream hole. Exactly what we were looking for. Let me remind people why we were doing what we were doing. Fights, conflict, interaction with our fellow EVE players and most of all “fuck you, that’s why”.

4.       They gave up this kill right off the bat from one our scouts.  It wasn’t that we caught the miner with his pants down, point of fact, our scout made some major mistakes trying to scan him down. The scout got his tengu uncloaked on two different occasions by POCO’s and the system was so small there wasn’t a ‘safe’ place to drop probes to find the mining site. This means the tengu and his probes were on D-scan a full 20 some seconds before the probes could be moved and the tengu could recloak. Dude wasn’t watch his D. This showed us a lack of fucks, good for pvp, or an idiot, also fun for pvp. We considered it to be a good omen.

These factors at play, I scooped up our POS out of Damatus and moved right in from the connecting C2. Much to the dismay of people who didn’t log in regularly.

Side story….

I devoted one of my scout alts to sitting inside Damatus to scan an exit for any combat ships trapped inside that didn’t get the word we moved. This lead to a funny story about our member Zag. Zagerist the new member we pulled from our last invasion hole still hadn’t joined at the time. Infact we even thought he was totally shining us on during the recruitment interview. Jhimmy one of our primary members was one of the trapped pilots logged into his character logged off in Damatus, finding our invasion POS missing. So, what does he do? Talks in local… and asks for an exit.  When I heard this story, the first and only question was.. .”well did Zag Pod you?!” much to my dismay, no. Infact Zag fleeted him, didn’t fleet warp him to his POS to be destroyed, but actually got him to the exit!!. I was very disappointed in our new member, but o well, I guess they still make honest strangers these days. /sigh… we shall teach him the ways.

Anyway, once the POS was up in Craig the locals ignored us for a few days. They camped the LS entrance with a bomber (typical) but nothing really substantial. Till Friday night of memorial day weekend.

Now the following story I’m no proud of. It was a piss poor showing of our Corp, at all levels and across the board. I blame myself for at least 50% of the failures. It’s not what I strive for this corp to do, or be in EVE. Mistakes were made and circumstances came into play.

These are going to sound like excuses and in a way they kind of are, but for the sake of the story I’ll list them.

1.       I had to take my wife’s motor cycle to a mechanic I trust, 7 hours away. It was a promise to my wife because I was the one who fucked it up. Long story, but telling her that my internet spaceship structure was going to be destroyed and I couldn’t spend time fixing her baby would have gotten me a divorce. MY FAULT

2.       I wasn’t clear from the start to my corp EVERY member of the corp what and why were really in the new hole. This caused our newer members to not act the way that was becoming of our corp and the task at hand.  MY FAULT 

3.       With me gone, and me being the only one with POS gunner status, a solid defense of the structure couldn’t be accomplished. MY FAULT

4.       I assumed, my corp was well versed in guerilla tactics when faced with a larger force. I didn’t call this out enough when we went in. MY FAULT

5.       My corp didn’t seem to give a fuck. I was genuinely pissed when I go back to my PC on Sunday to find that every single ship we brought in from day was wasn’t destroyed in a ball of fire. That’s why we brought them in! That’s why we did what we did, to get fights, win or lose. I heard mixed stories that only 5 some humans were even online. NOT MY FAULT


I wasn’t there, so my information is second hand.

We were attacked by a Chain reaction force of about 7 battleships/BC and 2 logi. THAT’S it! They didn’t even bother to keep hole control. The perfect force to fuck with. BS with limited tracking capabilities and even lower individual tanks because of a focus on DPS.

Needless to say, the POS couldn’t defend itself, and the corp without me there simply didn’t have its head in the game.

I logged in Sunday afternoon after a 7 hour return to find our POS reinforced and 2 people online. What those two people were doing was shocking. They, assumed and were not told otherwise by someone who should have known better, the ships brought into this, would destroyed in a fire.

The two people when I logged in were trapped out in an EOL low sec because they had been moving out our ships. WTF!!!?!?!  They moved out all the ships we left floating (you can’t access ships in a encapped SMA, so you leave them floating to be hopped into) into a low sec system to “save them”.

I almost blew a fuse…

I then organized a fleet to move them BACK into the hole. The hole closed, trapping out 80% of the ships in some random low sec. ARRRGGGG!!!

All we had was a few T1 logi cruisers other random t1 cruisers, tackle and a fail fit shield mega (that’s mine, it was an experiment, it was college and I was drunk… ) that needed to be put out of its misery.

After raging at them for a bit, I tried to put together a fleet to fight what we thought they had.

Turns out they had a log in trap prepped. We went at them with a Rook, shield mega and 2 logi T1 Cruisers. They had a Domi, abbadon, dictor, and cloaky proteus. What we didn’t know is they had 4 or 5 more battleships and logi logged off. They logged back in and we got smashed. Most fun I have had during this entire OP.

We had accomplished what we wanted to do. Fight. Lose.

Till the next adventure.

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