Monday, June 17, 2013

My Dream, My Goal, Our Obligation.

In SUSU we have very few rules. For the most part you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. The focus of what we do typically is for the fun of ships exploding in EVE online.

So my dream as a CEO is having a corp full of people who have a similar mindset. So far I have been very lucky to be gifted with members who follow me into combat and actually do what I say. I’m not a pvp expert, hell I’m not even that great in 1v1. I fit my ships wrong and based on the following video I clearly don’t know what the fuck to do in any space other than W-space.

This video proves, when given multiple targets and an overview specialized for wormhole hunting.. I’ll target a rat, a gate, not the primary and whatever else happens to be near me… or not near me. I’m bad. 

For what I clearly lack in pvp skill, I make up in the spirit of pvp in EVE. 

 This is something so many players have forgotten, that EVE online is fun! It’s not serious business! Get into a frig! Derp a fleet OP, target the wrong stuff, jump when you’re not supposed to. As long as you get out there and fight, that’s all that counts.

My goal is that each and every pilot in SUSU will commit when they aren’t supposed to, look back and say FUCK that was dumb, but at least I’m not mining!


We had visitors in Jim yesterday.  A corp called Absolute Damage Inc. who rolled into Jim from their C5/C4.  These guys did the typical thing, camped one of our exits with two drakes, fly catcher, a cloaked proteus, cloaked jamGu, and whatever happened to roll out of their hole into ours.

When you put ships/bait on someone’s hole you are doing the medieval term “casting the gauntlet’. A challenge to bring it!

My obligation as a pvp spirited corp, is to bring it! Even if they outnumber me 6 to 1. TRY! DO SOMETHING! Jump in a frig, fly around, have them chase you. Something!  I warped my ECM/Neut Scorp to 100 and started jamming. What wasn’t jammed was neuted. Sadly I couldn’t deal with the drones and had to bail at half structure.

I feel when someone comes visiting JIM we are as obligated to fight them as you would be obligated to give a guest a place to sit and a cold drink. These people are guests in my home, with the intention of having a fist fight    :)

Totally out gunned and outnumbered. I explained, we don’t have the numbers to fight them well. I suggested in Local chat. “2v2 cruisers?”  A person responded “Battle cruisers?” I said sure! These are our guests. They came to us for content.

They asked where? P1. With my trusty partner ‘ikky’ flying a harbinger and me a triple rep myrm. They came at us with two drakes. We met them in combat. We won that fight too,  till they started losing, and uncloaked the Jamgu.

I provided a chair, they kicked it over. I gave them a cool drink and they spit in it.  I en’t mad. I had the opportunity to show someone my spirit for pvp. The opportunity to fight and see explosions. To show another group of people what we were all about.

I said ‘GF” in local.

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