Friday, May 24, 2013

Invasion Update -- Prep

(First I want to say I’m sorry for not updating this blog sooner, work has been … well .. Work. Family stuff, new German Sheppard puppy (named Steve) and countless issues with my cars/truck…. Let’s just say RL has gotten the better of me lately. I will strive to do better! I will be releasing updates to the blog, slightly after the fact but in order of occurrence. I hope people are still reading.)

Invasion Update – Prep.

The Kit. 

In my opinion space ships are tools. Tools to be used to reach a goal. Each has a specialized function and all ships have limited lifespans. Just like a condom is a onetime use tool to have a good time, some ships fall into that category.

All ships that were contained in the kit were condoms with the soul reason to fuck some people.

“The Kit” as its referred to is a bundle of ships, POS, mods, fuel, stront, guns, ammo and misc. stuff to make war. I play 4 accounts simultaneously and this is how I invade.

1.       1st Iteron 5, fit with cargo expanders 2 and a cloak. With contents
a.       1 Med Pos. (I picked a Caldari, not for any reason other than I had one lying around)
b.      As much fuel blocks as that little bastard will carry.
2.       2nd  iteron 5 fit with a cargo expanders 2s and a cloak. With contents.
a.       Ship maintenance array
b.      Fleet hanger.
c.       Neut Mod
d.      Scram mod
e.      As many guns (in this case small pulse laser mods, crystals) as it will carry.
3.       Prep Extra ships. (these will be brought in after the POS is active)
a.       1 Battle ship. This time I went with a shield fit Mega (don’t ask why its shield fit, but needless to say I have been trying to destroy it in combat for a while now)
b.      1 extra scan ship
c.       Solo capable ships I prepped two, a rook and a shield talos.
d.      1 Orca, fit with a cloak, probe launcher, DC2, 100mn AB, gyro, small nuet and invuln 2s. Drones, ECM and Hobs.
1.       More fuel, Stront, large/small warp disruption bubbles, ammo, paste, whatever prepped ships I could fit in it.
e.      Fleet fit cruisers, I went with a caracal and a shield logi.
f.    1 Closing Phobos, fit with 4 bubbles. 1 T2, 3 Normal, 100mn AB, 2 1600mm Plates, probe launcher and cloak

This was prepped before we even found a target. All of these things are totally expendable.

Next Blog posting will be which target we selected, why we selected and what happened when we moved in and said “Hi”.

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