Wednesday, January 6, 2016

ECM too Stronk

 Our story begins with a gank attempt that failed.

Someone was flying a tornado around in a C2 and doing frostline sites.
We saw on at a few different points during the gank attempt there was a stratios in system and a proteus.  Thinking the tornado was bait, of course we were going to bite it. We did our best to beat the tornado to the high sec connection with a HIC before he warped, but he was watching Dscan and warped before the bubble went up. O well, not every cast gets a fish, we moved on.

Shortly after....

Someone reported in that a person named Riozuil was shouting something in local about "ISO gen 5..... come out to playyyyyy"

Not wanting to disappoint, I opened a convo.

[ 2016.01.06 20:55:35 ] Riozuil > hai
[ 2016.01.06 20:55:50 ] Longinius Spear > Someone was talking in local that you wanted to fight
[ 2016.01.06 20:55:59 ] Longinius Spear > is this still true?
[ 2016.01.06 20:56:09 ] Riozuil > Sitting 13km off the highsec in my mega
[ 2016.01.06 20:56:25 ] Longinius Spear > yea, thats not going to work for us
[ 2016.01.06 20:56:54 ] Longinius Spear > any chance you could be some place else?
[ 2016.01.06 20:56:55 ] Riozuil > Alright girly man.
[ 2016.01.06 20:57:15 ] Riozuil > No because I want to get my pod out, and last time you bubbled the exit for my alt
[ 2016.01.06 20:57:41 ] Longinius Spear > Well, we can agree no pods?
[ 2016.01.06 20:58:21 ] Riozuil > No offense I dont trust you. You can check my backup easily by putting someone in highsec
[ 2016.01.06 20:58:33 ] Riozuil > We have 4 characters and 2 players
[ 2016.01.06 20:58:38 ] Longinius Spear > I take it you don't know us, or me for that matter
[ 2016.01.06 20:58:53 ] Riozuil > plus at this point you guys probably have logi which makes me fighing pointless anyway =P
[ 2016.01.06 20:59:11 ] Longinius Spear > This is me..
[ 2016.01.06 20:59:52 ] Longinius Spear > I don't break my word, i'm respectful and I like explosions.
[ 2016.01.06 21:02:03 ] Longinius Spear > we don't have logi, but we do outnumber you
[ 2016.01.06 21:02:39 ] Riozuil > What fight would you want to have then?
[ 2016.01.06 21:02:41 ] Riozuil > and where
[ 2016.01.06 21:03:16 ] Longinius Spear > since no fight could truely be fair, what would you consider engaging? T1? less than 5?
[ 2016.01.06 21:03:26 ] Longinius Spear > battleship 1v1 :)
[ 2016.01.06 21:03:35 ] Longinius Spear > I'm down for anything
[ 2016.01.06 21:06:14 ] Riozuil > I'd fight up to 5 cruisers without logi
[ 2016.01.06 21:06:40 ] Riozuil > or bs 1v1
[ 2016.01.06 21:07:21 ] Longinius Spear > 5 cruisers no logi lets do this :)
[ 2016.01.06 21:07:41 ] Riozuil > and no bubbles on the hs lol
[ 2016.01.06 21:07:57 ] Riozuil > I may not have an expensive pod, but its a pain in the ass getting out of amarr when I'm -4.0
[ 2016.01.06 21:08:18 ] Longinius Spear > if you get poded, i'll replace it personally
[ 2016.01.06 21:08:54 ] Riozuil > mmk sounds good. My alt may or may not make an appearance as well, good?
[ 2016.01.06 21:09:11 ] Longinius Spear > we're bring 5 cruisers now
[ 2016.01.06 21:09:46 ] Riozuil > and is this including my buddy and his alt? or are they out? Up to you
[ 2016.01.06 21:10:36 ] Riozuil > We have no logi or cancer falcons on any toons
[ 2016.01.06 21:11:01 ] Longinius Spear > cancer falcons lol
[ 2016.01.06 21:11:07 ] Riozuil > =P
[ 2016.01.06 21:12:46 ] Riozuil > So other characters yes or no?
[ 2016.01.06 21:13:00 ] Riozuil > Just so we dont have my buddy join midfight and get everyone pissed lol
[ 2016.01.06 21:13:46 ] Longinius Spear > 5 cruisers is what we are bringing. lets dance :)
[ 2016.01.06 21:14:05 ] Riozuil > Meet you at the sun yo
[ 2016.01.06 21:14:13 ] Longinius Spear > but the glare haha ..
[ 2016.01.06 21:14:19 ] Riozuil > Crybaby

We quickly formed up 5 cruisers and went out to fight some people.

His mega that he brought to the sun. 

Assuming his friends Huginn that also went to die?

 Right as the mega dropped, this landed on grid with us and we warped off. This screen shot was taken from the next wormhole in the chain.

Confessors not wanting to deal with our kitting ships took off. GG.

Shortly after I get this mail.

Just Wanted to Say.
From: Riozuil
Sent: 2016.01.06 21:25
To: Longinius Spear, 

Next time you organize an "Honorable" fight leave out the Cancer ECM.

Fly a little more Dangerous,

Re: Just Wanted to Say.
From: Longinius Spear
Sent: 2016.01.06 22:03
To: Riozuil, 

My apologies,

As my recollection stands, I asked, "What would you engage, no pods.?" You said 5 cruisers. You didn't say t1,t2,t3 or NO ECM. We could have showed up in 4 neut legions and a Jamgu under that. That guy flying the blackbird is our new bro and that was the only ship he could bring. It fit well into our fleet so we said what the heck.

We also didn't know if it was a trap or not, hence the kite'ee fleet. Our fears were realized when the 9 confessors and Dictor gang landed on us. We know it wasn't you, but nothing is certain in wspace.

I understand that ECM is a force multiplier, even in the hands of a newbro, again, we never said fair(which can't really be done imo), we said 5 cruisers, no pods.

Things you could have done differently.

1. Mobile Depot with an ECCM swap, you were sitting uselessly on grid for a VERY long time. At least it would have pulled the dps off you while we tried to encap it. If it did get up, bam, blackbird dealt with.

2. Fit ECCM on a solo mega. Did you honestly think no one would play with it, or did you think your strong feelings about ECM would protect you?

3. Learned from your engagement and not cryed.

I'm sad you had a negative ISK interaction with us, but at least I hope you learned something.

-- Spear

Re: Just Wanted to Say.
From: Riozuil
Sent: 2016.01.06 22:07
To: Longinius Spear, 

I had no problems with T2's or T3's. I would have RATHER fought 4 neut legions. At least there is a counter to that. Even if I had ECCM its the dumbest mechanic ever and can Jam regardless of strength. Just sucks that you put yourself forward as a trustworthy guy and then bring an organized gank fleet to a fight. I had no illusions I would make it out of that fight alive, I was hoping to take one with me and have some lolz. Not being able to fight back is SOOOO much fun. Have fun making wormhole space less fun for everyone. I or my corp certainly wont be fighting you again.

Have fun,


  1. Hey, maybe the guy just had extra tears he wanted to share.

  2. Oh Stay Frosty alice...that explains a lot lol.