Friday, August 7, 2015

Sansha Hole Day 3ish: Not a camera

So I've been living in this Sansha hole for a couple of days now. Almost all the traffic I see, is scanning ships and probes. Today was the first time I've seen a true combat vessel.

I was just logging in and didn't have the statics scanned down. The statics had long since rolled. Before dropping probes, I hit D-scan and discover a wild Gila on D.  (pronounced "HEE-La", you animals)

I always like to learn about other cultures outside of my own, so I did a quick google search to the name of his ship. A quick copy/paste from D-scan (this is why ship tags are stupid) to Google translate.

[sen]メラではない    Gila    - Translated to "Not a camera"

 I guess if you need to name something that is in fact not a camera, "Not a camera", might as well be a space ship in EVE? Aren't other cultures fun!?

 Then he started on one of the Sansha combat sites

I knew the moment I dropped combat probes or normal probes, I was sure to spook him and spoil the hunt, so I figured I would do it in a spectacular way. 

I dropped probes and extended the traditional wormhole greeting in local chat. In his own language.

I never really noticed how creepy my alt looked, till I used google translate to threaten people.

It took him at least 5 minutes to realize someone was talking in local or that there was probes on scan. In that time, I found the high sec static and just as he warped back to it.

I really wanted to have a conversation with him further about his camera or not camera status, he wasn't having it and left.

O well.

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