Thursday, April 23, 2015

On to new adventures! Goodbye Isogen 5

It’s with a heavy heart but I must move on from Isogen 5.  

Reasons; .

Isogen 5 might be one of the best pvp only wormhole corps I have ever been a part of. They could be the best EVER. Their laser focus on what they are doing, along with the professionalism to respect everyone they encounter, is the dream of any pure pvper. They are so good it’s scary. My kill board is 93%, that's fucking MENTAL for me.. I wish I could say it was because I was all pro, its not, I'm not, they just foster great fleets, positive isk engagement outcomes..

Why would want to leave such a solid group of pilots? 

Because I’m not good at this game and I feel it most when I’m with them. I know this might sound crazy, but losing brings me perspective and for a person like myself, I need that perspective.

I’m an amateur story teller, I’m a joker, I’m a shit starter and my goals differ just slightly with theirs. Not a lot, but just enough to make it uncomfortable in my day to day. I'm mature enough know what gets me going.

I know this looks like just another “It’s not you, it’s me” line of bull shit, but without giving away too much Op sec and betraying people I still call friends, their direction differs from where I see myself in the future. I'll leave it at that. 

I have been in the life style they are seeking and I found it lacking. Its like when you look at a doomed teenage love… You just know that it will never work and end in disaster, but the people who haven’t experienced it, just need to experience it for themselves. What is life, love and loss without the chance to experience it yourself?

I wish them luck on future endeavors and I will proudly shoot them in the face the next time I see them.

Where am I going?

Well after the most recent interview with C4 residents and the stories they told on Down the pipe 47, I think I’ll head there. I have lived in a C4 multiple times and each time I have never regretted it.

If you know of a smallish C4 group that needs a pilot, doesn’t mind a huge ego and enjoys throwing ships around in reckless ways, hit me up, I’m looking.



  1. o7

    You will be missed on comms and in fleets Spear

  2. C4? Is that really a PvP oriented location?

    My experience with C4s is that they tend to be off the beaten traffic routes of wormhole space and therefore they don't see a ton of action. Mostly they're inhabited shy Russians who POS up at the first sign of hole activation, carebear fleets, and hermits with neckbeards and seven accounts. If you want to bear it up, C4 always had the reputation of being a good place to do it.

    Just as a matter of traffic in the wormhole chain, I always thought C2s were where the real possibilities were. Most small wormhole PvP alliances seem to favor C2s anyway.

    If you want to screw around with industry or farm for ISK without messing with the supercap nonsense of C5s, C4 seems like a thing. But I never thought it was a real PvP option.

    1. Absolutely ! Did you hear the latest episode of DTP?

      With two totally different wspace only exits, you could say that C4 holes are twice as likely to get wspace pvp than any hole with just one wspace static.

      Dual rolling holes! Its like a C2 but without all the Kspace trash.

    2. Well, admittedly, I was in my C2 wormhole alliance over a year ago and had a long inactivity period. So that might account for the change. Did they tweak C4s in one of the expansions lately or something?

  3. Yeah :( indeed. They have changed anyways.. I tried to have a semi arranged fight recently, they scouted us, then made us jump into them, then brought more than double the numbers and we're in t3's. We were in hacs and down.. Lame.