Sunday, February 15, 2015

Shattered Wormhole Backpacking Trip Day 4


I log in my confessor character to see the following on D-scan. Wrecks! In my home! This simply won't stand. Using my amazing powerz of D-scan I found which site they where at and decided to pay them a visit.

I landed on grid and started shooting at them. The real problem was, my cloak took soo much CPU that I needed to offline my two tech II heat sinks. Not only that, but I was at range and needed to use some weak crystals. I was able to kite them for a bit till they flew away. My confessor was faster then them by at least 300 in speed mode.

This is the convo I had with them in local chat.

[ 2015.02.16 04:36:01 ] Erata Vuld > This is going to be boring
[ 2015.02.16 04:36:23 ] Sir Lomax > well you do out number me
[ 2015.02.16 04:36:24 ] Erata Vuld > i guess we should both bring are friends
[ 2015.02.16 04:36:34 ] Erata Vuld > youre faster
[ 2015.02.16 04:36:42 ] Sir Lomax > bring faster ships
[ 2015.02.16 04:36:55 ] Erata Vuld > tbh not worth it to head home and come out
[ 2015.02.16 04:37:15 ] Erata Vuld > not for a kitefit fessor
[ 2015.02.16 04:37:32 ] Sir Lomax > i'm not going to 'let' you shoot me
[ 2015.02.16 04:37:59 ] Erata Vuld > yea and im not going to make a ton of jumps to go get a ship to kill you
[ 2015.02.16 04:38:13 ] Sir Lomax > me neither?
[ 2015.02.16 04:38:15 ] Erata Vuld > ill wait till you screw up and warp at the wrong range i guess

Well that was just rude, better continue to fk with them.

They started the next site..

So I did what any good Bob worshiper would; I went back to the bookmark I made of their old site and blew up their wrecks.

6 times. (I am Spears' inner 12 year old)

They would warp to a site, I would book mark it.. warp to the old site they were at and blow up more wrecks. I did this 6 times ..

I'm infantile, but honestly...I laughed each time a wreck exploded.

You would think after 1 site worth of wrecks, they would have tried to guard the wrecks while the salvager would do his thing, but this took 6 times for them to baby sit the wrecks.

They eventually figured it out.

 O well, I decided to quit pressing my luck and logged off.


  1. I love this series a lot and it has inspired me to try the same. However I do have one question: What is the best way to find one of these specific wormholes? I read they only spawn inside C3 holes. Would you recommend starting the search for one in Thera or just keep scanning down c3 chains to find one?

    Keep up the good work!

    1. To find one, not sure there's a "best way". Nothing statics into them and they don't have any predictable exits. I suggest you make friends a w-space scouting/pvp group and have them convo you when they come across one. For our Corp this happens a couple times a week. Good luck.

  2. I was lucky enough to enter a C13 today and giggled like a baby because I am following your current antics. Then I realized that I hardly have any PvE experience and that the best I can fly is a Thrasher. According to ETF I could currently get about 110 dps out of it. Now I am wondering whether combined with the Wolf Rayet effect that would be enough to tackle the lower Sleeper sites or whether I am being delusional. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    1. I'm not sure on the tanking ability of the thrasher. The Wolf rayte effect will add 200% to your guns but you will still need to tank. I wouldn't recommend it. Might want to go for the new svepl far more tanking and versatility.

    2. Thanks! Yes, tank will be an issue. However, I already made enough ISK so far, meaning I don't mind fooling around. And I don't mind losing a ship if it is fun. I fly in a very retarded way o7