Sunday, July 13, 2014

I Gank Children because I'm Cruel.

Had a convo with some guy in a c2/HS/C4

TLDR: I come across some Procurers and a Miasmos "why you violence my boats?" tears happen. 

Brief overview of what happened. I jump into some C2 down the chain with my scout legion. I see a raven and 5 procurers on scan. No force field or towers.

Sadly my timing couldn't be worse, my daughter walks into my computer room and asks me for breakfast. Not wanting to starve my offspring to murder some miners, I decide to be a good parent. 15+ minutes later, I'm expecting these miners to be gone, nope. The raven is gone, but all the Procurers are still on scan.

I think to myself, they must know the sig is there, how could they not?! Nope still just mining away. Must be a trap. I mean who in their right mind continues doing PVE long after a new sig is on scan? It can only be bait.

Well I'm not a pilot that doesn't bite bait, so I decide to not go in with a close range gang. I'll commit with 2 bombers, that should be enough to knock out some miners.

I get my fleet up, I get my bombers on the hole ready to jump in if my Legion gets unclocked by a rock. I warp my Legion to grid, book mark one of their jet cans and wait for the bookmark to populate in the corp bookmarks.

While I'm waiting I figure I can just warp to my scout at 30 to start my bombing run.

I jump my bombers in and fleet warp both of them to my scout. The second I land, I start my approach. Bomb 1 dropped, Bomb 2 dropped.. Miasmos goes pop, all the jet cans go pop. The procurers aren't even in armor. Ugg, those things are tuff!.

Since I'm triple boxing I only manage to keep 1 of the procurers pointed. Bad I know, but I was really thinking a crap ton of stuff was going to uncloak next to me so I kept range and didn't fully commit. My legion was actually uncloaked by one of my bombers, but I never targeted anything with it. I'm not about to lose another scanning legion to such an obvious trap.

All but one gets away and I pound on it with two bombers. That thing took forever to die! I realize if that guy just stayed on grid with 5 procurers his drones would have smelted me.

Even with me essentially letting most of his ships go (not entirely intentionally) this guy wants to pull some kind of talk in local moral high ground bull shit with me.

I think at the end of the day when two peoples sandcastles in this sand box collide, both get dirty.  

[ 2014.07.13 15:25:39 ] Bloodstone Mac > Well, I guess there are PvPers....who actually fight and have fun....then their are ganking children who do it to be cruel and ensure destruction of things that do nothing for them.  Thanks guys.  Glad to know which people Im dealing with here.
[ 2014.07.13 15:27:02 ] Longinius Spear > Check my KB. YOu will see I could have killed every last one of you and your pods. I was being sporting. The Legion didn't even lock and I let most of you go. so hush
[ 2014.07.13 15:27:28 ] Bloodstone Mac > lol...destroying containers of Ore is being sporting? lol
[ 2014.07.13 15:27:35 ] Bloodstone Mac > Ok :P
[ 2014.07.13 15:27:35 ] Longinius Spear > The bombs did that
[ 2014.07.13 15:27:49 ] Bloodstone Mac > Well, have fun
[ 2014.07.13 15:28:00 ] Longinius Spear > I'm down for some pvp if you are. I only killed 2 ships
[ 2014.07.13 15:29:35 ] Bloodstone Mac > Sorry, Im not personally into gank tactics.  I like real fights.  I dont go after defensless ships...and dont really respect those who do.  I understand its part of the game, so Im not complaining....just saying thats how I am.  Have a nice day guys...
[ 2014.07.13 15:30:49 ] Longinius Spear > You had drones. you chose to run. All your ships combined could have wiped the floor with me and Lomax. Two bombers vs 10 light drones? It is you sir who chose not to pvp. You had a chance, you chose to run
[ 2014.07.13 15:31:24 ] Bloodstone Mac > lol..ok
[ 2014.07.13 15:32:47 ] Bloodstone Mac > I dont think that hitting miners is PvP....but ok
[ 2014.07.13 15:33:04 ] Longinius Spear > you know those drones aren't just for show?
[ 2014.07.13 15:33:06 ] Bloodstone Mac > I figured you would
[ 2014.07.13 15:34:15 ] Longinius Spear > I could see your point of view if i went in there with a hick, and 3 T3's.. but I chose not to. I chose to try a bombing run which somewhat failed btw.. I let all but 1 go. The legion never even engaged.
[ 2014.07.13 15:35:09 ] Longinius Spear > you got off lightly and now your sad I didn't punish you more? if I knew this would have been your attatude, i should have just come with the T3s
[ 2014.07.13 15:35:40 ] Longinius Spear > You should be thanking me. That sig was on scan for more than 15 mins. I would have kiled you 2 mins after I hoped in but I had to make my daughter breakfast
[ 2014.07.13 15:36:01 ] Longinius Spear > You had a daughter breakfast timer going. Still you failed. This is a slap on the wrist
[ 2014.07.13 15:36:53 ] Bloodstone Mac > Whatever you say man....I dont really care.  Ive already said my piece.
[ 2014.07.13 15:37:54 ] Longinius Spear > thats exactly it. Yo uhave "said" you havn't done anything. Your sitting there in your pos crying about no pvp, when I'm here to bring it. I didn't pod you, you have ships, pilots.. yet you just sit there and cry that I killed only 2 of your 7 ships.
[ 2014.07.13 15:38:02 ] Bloodstone Mac > Eve has two kinds of players....those who look for fights....those who run around trying to gank people.  Both are viable play styles....and in WHs you obviously expect to run more into the second one.
[ 2014.07.13 15:38:35 ] Bloodstone Mac > Im not crying at all actually.  The ships were small and that doesnt matter at all
[ 2014.07.13 15:38:48 ] Longinius Spear > if it doesn't matter at all why are we talking about it?
[ 2014.07.13 15:39:02 ] Bloodstone Mac > Im simply calmly telling you the difference between you and I.
[ 2014.07.13 15:39:21 ] Bloodstone Mac > And I wished you well, said to have a nice day.  You are the one who decided to continue arguing.
[ 2014.07.13 15:39:44 ] Longinius Spear > Well, if i'm not fighting, i might as well interact with my fellow players :)
[ 2014.07.13 15:40:05 ] Bloodstone Mac > Yet your the one saying Im crying.....all Im doing is talking actually.
[ 2014.07.13 15:40:54 ] Longinius Spear > saying some kind of "moral high ground' comment right off the back is really lame btw. Its considered tears. I gank, i fight, and I'm often ganked myself.
[ 2014.07.13 15:41:01 ] Bloodstone Mac > And please dont patronize someone, acting like you "nicely" let ships one is that stupid.
[ 2014.07.13 15:41:22 ] Longinius Spear > I didn't say I intentionally did it. :)
[ 2014.07.13 15:41:31 ] Bloodstone Mac > Yes, you gank.  And I pointed that out.  I dont have respect for the game style...and that is all I said.
[ 2014.07.13 15:41:51 ] Longinius Spear > is that really fair?
[ 2014.07.13 15:42:00 ] Longinius Spear > i mean I could say the very same thing
[ 2014.07.13 15:42:08 ] Bloodstone Mac > Yes, it is fair.
[ 2014.07.13 15:42:20 ] Bloodstone Mac > Say what?
[ 2014.07.13 15:42:23 ] Longinius Spear > well i don't respect your game style.. so there
[ 2014.07.13 15:42:27 ] Longinius Spear > see how dumb it sounds?
[ 2014.07.13 15:42:30 ] Bloodstone Mac > I dont come into your area and gank you....
[ 2014.07.13 15:43:19 ] Bloodstone Mac > It would sound quite stupid, considering I didnt agress you.
[ 2014.07.13 15:43:48 ] Longinius Spear > Ganking is an important danger factor for wormhole space. Just like harvesting rare rocks. The reason why everyone doesn't do it after the sleepers are dead isn't because they simply don't know how warp to the anoms.
[ 2014.07.13 15:43:57 ] Longinius Spear > They don't do it because its dangerous
[ 2014.07.13 15:44:25 ] Longinius Spear > By the interaction we just had, we are keeping rare rocks rare.
[ 2014.07.13 15:44:39 ] Longinius Spear > We are a viable economic factor.
[ 2014.07.13 15:45:01 ] Bloodstone Mac > Whatever you think.
[ 2014.07.13 15:45:36 ] Longinius Spear > Think about it for a second. If no one ganked anyone, how much money could get get for all this spud ABCs?
[ 2014.07.13 15:45:54 ] Bloodstone Mac > Same amount I would get if you werent here actually.
[ 2014.07.13 15:46:22 ] Bloodstone Mac > ANd if I was only after making ISK....thats too easy....cause you can make more mining outside of here.
[ 2014.07.13 15:46:35 ] Longinius Spear > Nope. The reason the price is so high is the difficulty to get them.
[ 2014.07.13 15:46:55 ] Bloodstone Mac > Its not difficult to get the stuff in here
[ 2014.07.13 15:47:11 ] Bloodstone Mac > and 98% of what you get in here when refined...can be obtained in High Sec.  so nice try
[ 2014.07.13 15:47:12 ] Longinius Spear > I suspect mining is an afterthough for you, you might make much more in this hole from just PI
[ 2014.07.13 15:47:39 ] Bloodstone Mac > I just run WH to help train pilots.  I dont "make money" really after its all said and done.
[ 2014.07.13 15:48:01 ] Longinius Spear > You are here to play the game right?
[ 2014.07.13 15:48:54 ] Bloodstone Mac > Of course.  And I fully expect to run into gankers.  That doesnt mean I have to lower myself to their play style however.
[ 2014.07.13 15:49:23 ] Longinius Spear > "lower yourself" there you go with this moral high ground thing again. Like ganking someone isn't some how just as viable as shooting at rocks
[ 2014.07.13 15:49:40 ] Longinius Spear > I don't say that about your activities
[ 2014.07.13 15:49:45 ] Bloodstone Mac > lol...I already said it was your chat log please
[ 2014.07.13 15:49:47 ] Longinius Spear > I'm respetful
[ 2014.07.13 15:50:22 ] Bloodstone Mac > All I said, is I dont have any respect for it.
[ 2014.07.13 15:51:12 ] Bloodstone Mac > And Im sorry sir, but I dont care what your reasoning is...most people respect PvPers...those who fight others in open PvP.  they dont actually respect someone for their ability to gank non-combat ships.  Think about it.
[ 2014.07.13 15:51:28 ] Bloodstone Mac > You dont sit there and talk about how great someone is because they can hit a miasmos....
[ 2014.07.13 15:51:32 ] Bloodstone Mac > :P
[ 2014.07.13 15:51:57 ] Longinius Spear > Did you see me warp on to grid?
[ 2014.07.13 15:52:14 ] Longinius Spear > Did you see the sig show up on  your overview?
[ 2014.07.13 15:52:28 ] Longinius Spear > Did you see my legion uncloak for just a second before he found your fleet?
[ 2014.07.13 15:52:40 ] Longinius Spear > Did you see the 2 bombers uncloak as they entered your wormhole?
[ 2014.07.13 15:53:00 ] Longinius Spear > Every answer is NO. and if its not, you're just bad at not being ganked.
[ 2014.07.13 15:53:26 ] Longinius Spear > Each of those No answers was me being good at what I do and you being bad at what you did.
[ 2014.07.13 15:53:35 ] Bloodstone Mac > Your obviously not listening to what is being said.  You just want to argue.  Have I said, Ive said what I have to say.  The rest is you trying to validate your activities and what?  force me to agree that what you do is somehow "great PvP"?
[ 2014.07.13 15:53:38 ] Bloodstone Mac > lol
[ 2014.07.13 15:53:53 ] Longinius Spear > At the end 99% of what occurred was me not making mistakes you making multiple
[ 2014.07.13 15:54:38 ] Bloodstone Mac > Anyway, have better things to do.  Congradulations on your expert PvP tactics and kill on low level industrial pilots.  superb job...your a god
[ 2014.07.13 15:54:45 ] Bloodstone Mac > Hopefully, that is what you need to hear.
[ 2014.07.13 15:55:07 ] Longinius Spear > Is it as noble as 1v1 pistols at dawn? nope. But its a hunt, i'm a hunter. you are the prey. Thats the relations ship.. to take that away makes us both look bad.
[ 2014.07.13 15:55:25 ] Bloodstone Mac > No, just you.  But think what you like

I'm a god!


  1. Typical aftergank excuses from the victim, aimed to alleviate the loss by stating that the ganker in some way is worse or lower than gankee. Like, yeah, I was total derp and lost my ship, but the guy that killed me obviously is worthless thrash still living in his mom's basement at his 30's, so it's not that bad. Better picture him as subhuman and blame for everything, than admit your own mistakes and take responsibility for your actions and decisions.

  2. Totally off topic - posting here because I can't work out how to on Down The Pipe. Great episode guys, and your questions to Rise, Spear, were spot on, and it was a really nice contrast to some of the 'the end is nigh' stuff on podside recently.

    Shaggy Vatuiel

  3. Hey Spear, love u on the casts, and your stories are great.. and you are right that you are good at what you do, and you should be proud of that ... but he was right - in that he said you need your victims to publicly affirm your godhood, he had you by the balls on that.

    1. > you need your victims to publicly affirm your godhood,

      This made my day. I told my wife and she just rolled her eyes. I wrote this on my white board at work too. Thank you.

    2. To be honest for the first half of the conversation you sounded more but hurt than your victim. You finally got him to start crying a bit, but you had to squeeze to get those tears.

  4. When are you going to violence my spaceships? :)

  5. Dear Eve God, I've had many dreams of you, and always we walked thru space together. But last night in my dream, I was alone. There was only one set of footprints in the... Space sand. You said if I derped into you, you'd fly with me always..
    And the eve God said "but my son, there are so many newbs to gank, fuck off"