Monday, May 5, 2014

AAR: It’s all fun and games till the scorpion lands at 100.

War is mainly a catalog of blunders. ---WINSTON CHURCHILL

Its Sunday afternoon and I’m sneaking onto EVE while my wife takes a nap. I log on some of my accounts and begin the process of getting them all on siggy. One of our forward scouts pipes up with “I have a flycatcher and Damnation on D without a pos”. To translate what that sentence means in W-space, its means that not only are those two ships piloted, but they are not in the protective forcefield of a POS, AKA – Killable. ACTION!

The scout then explains he has some RL shit going down and Foedus steps up to take over as our eyes in system. The rest of us ship up/log in and get ready to throw down.  Foetus says, there are now two sets of probes in the system and the Flycatcher/Damnation are no longer on scan. I ship into an assault frig, mainly to deal with a pesky flycatcher and some other people prep on the static hole of our home system.

I move my assault frig ontop of the hole these probes are flying around in and wait. The support fleet preps on the hole one jump back.

Hole flash:  A cheetah jumps into the hole where my Enyo is sitting waiting. I do my best to grab it, but it cloaks/warps. We assume the cheetah scout is with the damnation/flycatcher, and he jumped into me, checks D- and sees only an assault frig. I’m essentially baiting with just a frig. Pro, I know.. but anything to get a fight.

I wait, let the cheetah get a good look at me and wait for them to bite the bait. Nothing.

We theorize that perhaps he isn’t with the flycatcher/damnation and perhaps they were trying to get him. Foedus drops probes and resolves the system trying to find where the flycatcher/damnation went. He finds a C4 and bravely jumps in.

On the C4 side of  the target C2 waiting for Foetus.

Foetus reads off what he finds waiting for him.

Damnation x5

“awwwww yeaaa! Someone is going to throw down with us”

Our support fleet we formed for the 2 ship fight isn’t even close to dealing with that bull shit, and the Enyo sure as hell won’t be able to bring any level of pain. I say to Foedus to hold out as long as possible and try not to die, we are reshipping.

I warp my Enyo back and we form up.

3 Auguors (2 of which are being dual boxed by the same guy)
2 Vigilants
1 Hyperion
1 Mrym (damps fit in mids) – Flown by me – Yes I’m triple boxing
2 Drakes (ECM armor drakes) – Flown by me – Yes I’m triple boxing
1 Proteus
EDIT: Forgot: 1 Hurricane. too

Seemed like a great match up imo… On paper…

We decide we wanted to fight them in our C2 static not their c2 static because it was a cataclysmic variable. (great for RR/cap transfer). Now we just need to lure them to us. We know they have eyes in the C2 and I volunteer to move my trio up and jump in. When they came to me, I would jump back into the waiting arms of our fleet. There Onerious wouldn't be able to pull range fast enough and we might be able to alpha them off the field.

What happened was people not paying fucking attention to the discussion. I jump my trio into our static c2 and people fucking lemming behind me. *face palm* we could have hidden our numbers if people just fucking listened. The enemy scout now can see what we have if they bite the Mrym/drake/drake bait. O well, might as well move up to the C2.

Not everyone lemminged behind me.. so only half our fleet was exposed, so the bait might work. I jump in the C2 with my trio and begin to orbit the hole at 500.

“Damnation on scan.. Damnation… Damnation.. Damnation.. Damnation.. Legion.. Devoter.. Oneros… Mega.. Here they come!”  The remainder of the fleet moves up to the other side of the c2. Their fleet lands, thinking we are surprising them with more than they thought we had, we jump into them.

I lock up the Onerios who is point blank on the wormhole with us!! (big mistake in normal situations Single logi surrounded by DPS) and begin to damp him out, expecting him to pull range. Infact their entire fleet is at 0. The Onerios doesn’t pull range… The Onerios should have been alpha’ed off the field. Nope. Armor didn’t budge. WTF?!? Are we jammed? What the shit? The Onerios was bait!

We don’t realize it at the time, but the Legion and all 5 Damnations are faction RR fit and repping the piss out of the Onerios!!  We can’t break it, we switch to mega… Nope, not breaking that.

One of my ECM drakes is being primaried and doing its best to jam out all the DPS from it… But the majority of their dps isn’t coming from what we thought would be missile boat fit Damnations. It’s coming from the huge drone ball assigned to one of their pilots. Our logi can’t keep up.  The ECM drake explodes in a fireball, but luckily I’m not podded and I jump that pilot back through the hole. I send him home to reship and return.

Our logi are forced to jump back through the hole. My other ECM drake gets low and is forced to jump back. Foteus gives the command for the fleet to jump back and bug out. They won this round.

We get out what we can, sadly our Hyperion gets scrammed and stays on field.

Not wanting to give up, and leave him behind, I’m screaming on coms for people to reship and come back. The logi pilot who was dual boxing the Augours starts having connection issues and can’t return.

We then realize all the Damnations are RR fit and SOLID fits.

They say “GF” in local. O it’s not over yet !

We reship.

2 Neut fit Armageddons. (I’m flying 1 of them)
1 Mrym (same Mrym as before me flying it)
1 Proteus
1 Augour
1 N. Harbinger (I’m flying this)
1 Vigilant

We form up on our static connection and amazingly the Hyperion is still alive, playing hole games.  I say to him, "we might not be able to save you but we will avenge you".

I would like to take this opportunity to point out, Foedus is in chat with their FC, and he is actually talking shit to us while we die to his ships. Reading off in millions of ISK who was winning the fight, and bragging if we are going to bring more or not. This is important to remember.

Our fleet jumps and we warp to the C2. We land and their fleet is on grid. We jump past them thinking the Hyperion we were trying to save was trapped in the aggressors C2. The Hyperion dies… He amazingly is able to get his pod away.

We catch a Damnation that wandered to far from the C2.. he melts. Score one for the home team.

We wait on their side,  with their fleet on our static side... neither side wanting to give up the advantage of being able to jump through again and polarize the other.

The fleet agrees that we should just got for it. Caution be damned!  “Fleet jump”!

Turns out the c2 to c2 hole was REALLY reduced and collapses only 1 of the geddons got through. I traffic controlled two of my ships a N. Harbinger and 1 Neut. Armageddon. All that made it through and on grid was Foedus in a Proteus and my damn mrym. Sicks in the other geddon was launched across the system due to a dying wormhole effect (no fucking clue why this bug still happens, but it sucks)

Seeing our fleet cut in half, and fucking doomed, I warp my Mrym back to our home hole. Foedus is left in his proteus vs their entire fleet. He holds out as long as possible but right as he is about to die, the Hyperion pilot who was able to get his pod away arrives in a scorpion. Another of our Vigilants arrives and Sicks lands with his geddon. Shit starts getting real for the aggressors.  

I’m down to one pilot, my other two are trapped in the C2 with the hostile C4 attached, I haul ass to the lowsec we had scanned won and jump through.

What can I bring that has the biggest punch… hmmm KRONOS!

I warp my Kronos onto the field and start laying into the the jammed/neuted fleet. The Onerios is called primary, I faction point the legion. 400… 420… 430.. WTF?!? Why am I doing like NO damage to this shit.  Void..Ammo… grrr…  I’m shooting a fucking logi crusier with large Void ammo in my large guns. Swap ammo… to faction antimatter 989… 756… 850… 902… That’s more like it !Hybrid cycle after cycle  The Onerios drops… we spread points. Legion dies.. Mega dies… Their fleet runs.

Victory is ours.

Ahh but that’s not where this story ends.

We say GF in local… “BF” was returned. Turns out us using the exact counter to their fleet was viewed as a battle foe-pah and we essentially stepped in shit by bringing out the scorpion. Needless to say, their FC was SUPER MAD bro… said things like “we were starting to like you”

Well yea, it’s easy to like people when you put it in their butts.  

There were nasty comments about us bring ECM… blab la bla.. but they brought a fucking RR ball!

I said in local “I know you’re mad now, but seriously thank you for the fight”

They left 2 scouts in our home system and promised to ‘be back’. This maybe a prelude post to an invasion. (because we brought ECM)

Here is to hopping they bring some ECCM.

EDIT: Ok. I forgot about Foedus returning in a VEXOR... but for the most part my combat recollection was correct.. O yea, and that Hurricane in the first engagement... But other than that.. I was spot on!

 Here is the AWESOME video Foedus made:

Here is another video of the same fight, cause we like making videos!

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