Monday, April 15, 2013

SUSU Corp Update

I sent out an email to my corp, and because I have been so pressed at work, I wanted to explain to anyone who reads my blog where I have been and what I have been doing. I don't mind sharing this info to strangers because honestly I have talked about it openly on the Down the Pipe Podcast.

(Corp Email)

SUSU Update.  

I have fallen out of the habit of sending a monthly SUSU Corp update. I have been slacken and I’m truly sorry.

CEO Update. – I have been out of commission on my regular play time this month. Every 3rd month of the year my job requires me to actually work. This quarterly software release has been super tuff on me. This means I work 10 hour days and usually weekends. When I’m not working I’m staring at a wall trying to turn my brain off. EVE suffers. At the start of May, shit will calm down and its back to biz as ush.

Corp Direction update – There are have been rumors of us moving to a C5. I’ll tell you honestly I’m on the fence. As a responsible and non-shit head CEO I’m asking a discussion to be opened on the topic.

Here are the pros and cons as I see them.

Pros. –

1.       We fight with the big boys, with the big toys
a.       Dreds, Carriers, T3 fleet doctrine.
b.      Different PVP conflicts and escalations.
c.       Higher degree of experience and skill needed to win engagements. 

2.       Living in a C5 is a larger draw to the experienced WHer. This increases visibility for recruiting purposes. 

3.       Access to more ISK. This has never been the focus of our corp, it never will. More isk, more shinny spaceships to get blown up. 

4.       Security. Nobody wants to invade a C4. You can’t bring dreads. 

5.       Shot in the arm. This may inspire burnt out members to put themselves back into the game. I fear though, this effect is short lived no matter what we do.

Cons. –

1.       We become a bigger target. Being in a C5 means we can and will be invaded at some point. With the notoriety of the podcast and our attitude of doing whatever we want to whoever we want, comes with stronger repercussions.
A.      Ease of an invader to simply roll his hole to find us.
B.      With the increase of collations we be forced to pick a side. Forced to bat phone and respond to bat phones. 

2.       Danger level would increase because C5s are frequently rolled looking for people to kill. The types of players doing this, are the best EVE has to offer. Caught slacken, and it gets expensive. 

3.       The quantity of players needed to fight at the level required by most aggressors we currently don’t have. Not even close. Most engagements in this class of hole are 20+ pilots a fight. Right now our average is about 6.
a.       This would be bad thing because the few that would fight, would get crushed. Regularly. This would build resentment from the people who frequently fight and those who don’t, causing fissures in our loving family.
b.      Separating the men from the boys. By providing a clear bar to accomplish we would clearly see some of our members simply aren’t up for the task. This would reduce member count. This isn’t the environment that I think is healthy nor makes our corp awesome. It’s important for me that all members in the corp feel welcome, no matter the skill level of their pvp.  Fuck elitism. 

4.       Increased need for more members to have a larger stake in the game. As it stands, I fund the POSs, the POCOs, the fuel and most closing equipment needed to cycle a hole. This is changing slowly with the construction, purchase and funding of The Sketchy POS. We also have more Orcas. This is a good sign. But with a bigger hole, more dynamic fleet engagements and a focus on capitals, other members are going to need to step up.
a.       It has never been a challenge for me to fuel a single pos or even 2, myself. I have no trouble funding orca for rolling the hole. But as our needs increase to crush hostile holes connected to us, or after fleet welps involving capitals. I will be strapped for cash to replace ships to make us function.

5.       Security. C5s are easily invaded. Nobody wants to invade a C4. Most EVE players are lazy, pvpers included. Most don’t want to grind a structure for 4 hours in a tier 3 BC. Add Dreads and that thing is done in 45 minutes. This means we are going to need more round the clock coverage. If dreds can incap us in 3 hours, we log into a ecapped pos. Worse, take 2 days off from EVE and log in your ship to a bug zapper.
a.       We would need increased time zone coverage. More members needed. More members = more security issues.
b.      Greater need for all pilots to be available during more time zones.

These are just SOME of the things I came up with. These are things my little paranoid mind mills over every hour of every day.

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  1. Those are some interesting, honest and hard questions you asked....that MUST be answered.

    Since you should be known to most, if not all, the major w-space corp/alliances, have you thought about contacting some of those CEO's for advice?

    Regardless of which direction ya'll choose to travel, I wish ya'll all the best.

    Fly dangerously, fly it like you stole it, see ya in space...