EVE Wormhole Hunter Links

Useful links for the Wormhole hunter.

**NEW** (11/07/15)-- My talk on wormhole hunting in EVE Vegas 2015 - Wormhole PVP hunting

EVEEYE -- Great for getting lots of use full details about a wormhole you're in.

Evewho -- So lets say you see a single pilot passing you on in the chain. Just a lone scan ship. Is he worth chasing? Is he going to have LOTS of friends? Should you bait with something big or small? For an active worm hole hunter, these questions are paramount for your success. Eve who is that tool, it will tell you the size of the alliance/corp he is a part of. You can check the kill boards for typical fleet comps based on the pilots kill record. EVE who, is a great intel tool that can bring a greater level of information than just a passing glance.  Wormhole combat is a kin to 1980s hunt for red October cold war. Everything that builds up to the conflict IS the combat. Striking the final blow is just the final 5% of most engagements. Who ever has more intel on the other usually wins. Covert is the name of the game.

Wormhole Scouting Guide - I didn't write this, but the steps are almost spot on. Good guide and 'how to' for wormhole scouting.

EVE-Prism _Who ever made this site is awesome, its like EVE hunt but flashier and very spacy NICE. Find all the info you need about a pilot, who he flys with, who he dies with and best of all how active they are.

EVE Bookmarks -- Essentially everything else you may or may not need
I'll add more links as my blog matures. These are the essentials.

TripWire  -- Similar to Siggy, IMO not quite as user friendly.

EVE Pirates Little Helper -- This great little in game tool will help you determine who is a fighter, and who is prey. Great quick way to figure out the threat level of a target before engaging or doing a detailed research.

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