Links to Other EVE Podcasts/Blogs/Vids

Sometimes I come across other podcasts/blogs that impress me or are useful in some way.


  PODCAST --Shameless plug of my own podcast. I'm Longinius Spear and I approve of this link. For those of you who haven't listened to it yet, we talk about all things wormholes, with the star of the show Bronya Boga Lotor!


RedBoXedPODCAST --I have only listened to one of the Episode 5, but just that episode got me hooked. These dudes are pros at small gang pvp.  Though most of their context is Low Sec/Null space. The tactics they use and the knowledge they share is top notch. Not a lot of useless banter, and that's nice sometimes.

PraiseBob - PODCAST -- This is a good wormhole pve podcast with a small amount of pvp coverage. If you want to learn more of how wormholes work take a listen.

Sh!t on Kugu - PODCAST -- Totally useless banter, and that's also nice sometimes. They talk about Null sec drama in an entertaining way.

Shit on Zulu - PODCAST -- Newer version of Shit on Kugu, same people same format, just as useless but I love it. 

Reddit r/EVE  - Amazing Group of People - At a loss for words on how to describe

Wunder-Bet - ISK Gambling Site - Bet on real world events with ISK.

EVE Skunk - Creeper Site - If you are into stalking a person, corp or alliance, Eve skunk is the place to start. API are submitted from volunteer spys, alliance/corp mails are posted. Search for a corp, read the dirt, smell the freshness.

EVE Chat Watch - Intel Tool Site - Sometimes while stalking someone in local chat we want to watch for a particular person to say something. This tool lets that happen. It does more than that... but its handy.

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